Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Support Your Local Farmer's Market Today

Farmers markets are an important part of our communities and help farms thrive. You can help spread the word!

If you find your local farmers market to be a great source of fresh, organic and locally grown foods, make sure to vote in America’s Favorite Farmers Markets contest and let the world know why you love your local market.

Farmers markets are an asset to our communities and deserve our support. You can help your favorite farmers market gain the recognition it deserves and ensure that it and others like it continue to thrive. Voting Starts today at noon Eastern Time!

Local Food and Local Farms

Local Food and Local Farms

America's farmers markets are great places to get fresh and healthy food that's grown close to home by our local farmers and ranchers. They also support local farms and ranches and make our communities better places to live.

It's pretty simple: if we don't have farms, we're not going to have food. All of us count on America's farms and ranches to provide fresh, healthy and local food—but our farms and ranches are rapidly disappearing.

Did you know that we don’t produce enough fresh fruits and vegetables for everyone to eat a balanced and nutritious diet? In fact, it is estimated that we need another 13 million acres of farmland growing fruits and vegetables in this country just for Americans to meet the minimum daily requirement of fruits and vegetables set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers market and for making a difference in the future of our food! Spread the Word!