Sunday, January 15, 2012

Very Special Prize Opportunity from Russell James

If you're a member at my virtual holistic retreat, Raw Food Rehab, then you likely know about our monthly roll calls. In case you don't know about them - the reason we do roll call is to get an idea of who is still plugged in and roaming the halls at the RFR Mansion! As I do most months, I offer a prize drawing for all of the members who are kind enough to come log in, show their support & offer their name and where they are from. This month is no different and we've got an very exciting offering this month!!

As some of you may know, I had the pleasure of working with Russell James - The Raw Chef on his newly released home study course - "How To Be Your Own Raw Food Chef..& Still Have Time To Eat!"

Russell's awesome, newly completed 10 week study course is now available to order in both hard copy (10 DVDs and recipe/educational binder), as well as an online downloadable course. And he has very generously offered to donate an online version of the course to one lucky member of the Raw Food Rehab community!

Additionally, when you sign up at his website for his mailing list you'll find that he is also extending the special launch price until this Wednesday, and he's offering a way for 2 more lucky winners to get their hands on the full program on DVD and online.

When you post under his garlic bread video, in the comments section, you'll be filling in the blanks of this sentence:

"The Raw Chef 10 week home study course is the perfect course to help me ________________ and _________________."

If by chance you've already purchased this course - you're not excluded - you should enter, and if you're chosen, Russell will issue you a full refund.

So - for your chance to win an online version only, simply leave your name and where you are from in the comments HERE - only comments left at Raw Food Rehab will be eligible so please don't leave your info here in the blog comments. And for the additional chances to win - please go visit Russell's website now!

I will draw a winner in a video next Monday (January 23rd). Good luck everyone!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Town Raw - BIG CITY TASTE

I'm so excited to be announcing the release of Paul Risse's very first eBook

Small Town Raw - Big City Taste!

It is a beautiful 70 page book with 30 simple & delicious recipes. The photography is absolutely gorgeous. I know this book will be a marvelous addition to anyone's raw food library.

I have to share that I've been eating the recipes almost exclusively this past week as I've been editing the book, and I feel truly amazing, clear and bright!

To purchase Paul's book click on the title and you'll be taken directly to to purchase.

Small Town Raw - Big City Taste

I also wanted to share with you my first exposure to Paul Risse - if you haven't seen this You Tube video of when the RawBrah's met him last March - then you must watch it:

And here is just a little teaser photo from Small Town Raw for you so you can see the quality:

Here is some of the very early feedback from a few people who have just ordered:

"I just bought it. the recipes look incredible and the pictures are stunning! I've uploaded it to my Kindle am reading it cover to cover. I think my favorite part so far is his sharing his story and thoughts on things. " - Jamie Hupfer


"Just bought your book Paul, it is very professionally done and i look forward to reading it cover to cover. Well done and good luck!" - Jacqui Horne


"Everything looks very clean, crisp and beautiful! Where did Pauls hair go? LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!" - Ayn Julo


"I love Paul's book - very doable recipes, Traca's photography looks great, and obviously there's going to be some ladies swooning over those photos of PR." - Russell James

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rawpalooza: 2012 Raw Food World Summit

I want to invite you to be part of Steve Prussack's (RAW VEGAN RADIO) exciting free event -

Rawpalooza: 2012 Raw Food World Summit

You have to check out the line up that's planned. I have been keeping this under wraps, but as of this morning, the event has been announced by Steve and all the amazing speakers have been revealed!

Rawpalooza: 2012 Raw Food World Summit

The event starts on January 23rd, so go ahead and check it out. And help us spread the word. You can leave a comment at the bottom of Steve's website which will be shared on your Facebook page. Let's spread the word of healthy conscious living to our family, friends, and loved ones:

20 Tips for a Positive 2012

Here we are, 11 days into 2012 and I thought that this list of 20 ways to help you create the best year ever is in order! This list was created originally by Jon Gordon, but I've given it a Penni twist : )

1. Stay Positive. You can listen to the cynics and doubters and believe that success is impossible or you can trust that with faith and an optimistic attitude all things are possible.

2. Take a morning walk of gratitude. I call it a "Thank You Walk." It will create a fertile mind ready for success.

3. Formulate your personal food plan, keeping your kitchen well stocked with only what's on your program, always staying mindful about the reasons you are making these better choices.

4. Zoom Focus. Each day when you wake up in the morning ask: "What are the three most important things I need to do today that will help me create the success I desire?" Then tune out all the distractions and focus on these actions.

5. Instead of being disappointed about where you are, think optimistically about where you are going.

6. Remember that adversity is not a dead-end but a detour to a better outcome.

7. Don't chase success. Instead decide to make a difference and success will find you.

8. Get more sleep. You can't replace sleep with a double latte.

9. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

10. Mentor someone and be mentored by someone.

11. Live with the 3 E's. Energy, Enthusiasm, Empathy.

12. Remember there's no substitute for hard work.

13. Believe that everything happens for a reason and expect good things to come out of challenging experiences.

14. Implement the No Complaining Rule. Remember that complaining is like vomiting. Afterwards you feel better but everyone arounds you feels sick.

15. Read more books than you did in 2011. I happen to know of a few good ones. :)

16. Don't seek happiness. Instead decide to live with passion and purpose and happiness will find you. Please see Susan Bradebury's book study on The Seed in the Common Area at Raw Food Rehab!

17. Focus on "Get to" vs "Have to." Each day focus on what you get to do, not what you have to do. Life is a gift not an obligation.

18. Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements:

I am thankful for __________.

Today I accomplished____________.

19. Smile and laugh more. They are natural anti-depressants.

20. Enjoy the ride. You only have one ride through life so make the most of it and enjoy it.