Saturday, October 27, 2007


This has been a meaningful week for me. Nothing dramatic on the's all about what has been happening on the inside.

I hope that many of you were able to catch our raw food sister, Kris Carr, on Oprah this week and/or the showing of her documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, on The Learning Channel. She is a beautiful, groovy cool chick that has been learning to live with "incurable" cancer for over 4 years in both her liver and lungs. Whether you have ever had cancer infringe on your life or not, her message is universal. Watching her made a dramatic impact on me. It made me think about the way I approach my life and it caused me to re-evaluate my thinking: Am I really living my life to the fullest? Am I truly following my passions and making each day count? Am I making a difference in the lives of those around me or am I just sucking air? Am I fostering a positive outlook in the midst of difficult circumstances, or am I a frigging whiner? You've got the picture.

So.....what have I done with all of these deep thoughts and introspective visions? I made a final decision to go ahead and do what I have been thinking, desiring and talking about...I am now enrolled in a program in which I will officially obtain my licensing as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. Not that raw food coaches NEED any type of certification, but it is just something I want to be able to have as an educational hook on which I can hang my hat, if needed. I already have done a great deal of formal study, years ago, in the field of nutrition and holistic healing, under to guidance of Dr. Joel Robbins, an MD, DC, & ND here in Tulsa. That's who first introduced me to the importance of maintaining a raw food diet, over 18 years ago!

Achieving this certification will involve LOTS of study, some travel and time. All of which I am eager to do. I don't have a specific outcome or a career path that I want to share with you at this point....I intuitively know that this will all unfold as I go deeper and follow my passion.