Saturday, October 27, 2007


This has been a meaningful week for me. Nothing dramatic on the's all about what has been happening on the inside.

I hope that many of you were able to catch our raw food sister, Kris Carr, on Oprah this week and/or the showing of her documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, on The Learning Channel. She is a beautiful, groovy cool chick that has been learning to live with "incurable" cancer for over 4 years in both her liver and lungs. Whether you have ever had cancer infringe on your life or not, her message is universal. Watching her made a dramatic impact on me. It made me think about the way I approach my life and it caused me to re-evaluate my thinking: Am I really living my life to the fullest? Am I truly following my passions and making each day count? Am I making a difference in the lives of those around me or am I just sucking air? Am I fostering a positive outlook in the midst of difficult circumstances, or am I a frigging whiner? You've got the picture.

So.....what have I done with all of these deep thoughts and introspective visions? I made a final decision to go ahead and do what I have been thinking, desiring and talking about...I am now enrolled in a program in which I will officially obtain my licensing as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. Not that raw food coaches NEED any type of certification, but it is just something I want to be able to have as an educational hook on which I can hang my hat, if needed. I already have done a great deal of formal study, years ago, in the field of nutrition and holistic healing, under to guidance of Dr. Joel Robbins, an MD, DC, & ND here in Tulsa. That's who first introduced me to the importance of maintaining a raw food diet, over 18 years ago!

Achieving this certification will involve LOTS of study, some travel and time. All of which I am eager to do. I don't have a specific outcome or a career path that I want to share with you at this point....I intuitively know that this will all unfold as I go deeper and follow my passion.


Tanja Andrews said...

Congrats on deciding to further your education and follow your dreams! I missed the Chris Karr stuff because I don't have a TV, but I got her book and am eagerly awaiting the release of her documentary on DVD. She's absolutely amazing. Just wanted to let you know someone read your blog today! Hope you're having the best day ever!

Penni said...

Thanks for checking in,'re so cool. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Deika Elmi said...

Hi Penny,
congrats on your decision. I think its wonderful that you were moved and inspired by Kris Carr.

I too got that feeling to do something meaningful but I am still pondering what and how. I think you will be wonderful in your chosen field. Your warmth and caring are transmitted even online. xo Dea

Kristen's Raw said...

Congratulations on pursuing more education...I love that.

And, can I just write that your hair is GORGEOUS! WOW! Love it.

Have a fabulous day :) Cheers to your health!

Kristen's Raw

Anonymous said...

Yay Penni!

I saw that show too, and ran out and bought Kris Carr's book as well. It has inspired me to move back towards a living food diet.

I'd love to hear more about your choice of schools.