Friday, May 4, 2012

Cleanse America in New York

If you are anywhere near the Big Apple on the evening of May 9th - I want to meet you at Organic Avenue!!! That's right, I'm flying in with Cleanse America founder, Paul Risse & our videographer & Wellness Warrior, Daniel Hayhurst of Average Joe on the Raw & we want to meet all our friends in that neck of the woods!  Even if you don't live close, we'd love it if you'd to share this with your friends and family that do live in the area - we want to connect with them too!
Come be inspired & be part of the Transformation of a Nation as Paul Risse, will be sharing his vision, his passion and call to action with you. Also meet and hear from other members of the Core Team team - Daniel and I!  Also meet a few of our incoming Wellness Warriors, Anthony Anderson aka The Raw Model from Grow Paradise and Seth Luker & Mike Wall, co-owners of Rockin’ Wellness, and Tracy Piper, Founder and Owner of The Piper Center for Internal Wellness. One of Tracy's personal callings has become proper colon cleansing, which she insists can prevent everything from wrinkles to cancer. We'll also be having a vibrant juice tasting of Organic Avenue's special nectars - It's going to be an amazing evening that you won't want to miss! Click here for all the details and to reserve your seat!
Also, just HOT OFF THE PRESS - It has been confirmed that there will also be an exclusive screening of Average Joe on the Raw the following night at Organic Avenue. Details here!
Please check out Cleanse America's blog - and consider joining us for our upcoming epic 10-Day Cleanse this June!  Be part of the Transformation of a Nation!!  you can read all the details on our website