Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Town Raw - BIG CITY TASTE

I'm so excited to be announcing the release of Paul Risse's very first eBook

Small Town Raw - Big City Taste!

It is a beautiful 70 page book with 30 simple & delicious recipes. The photography is absolutely gorgeous. I know this book will be a marvelous addition to anyone's raw food library.

I have to share that I've been eating the recipes almost exclusively this past week as I've been editing the book, and I feel truly amazing, clear and bright!

To purchase Paul's book click on the title and you'll be taken directly to to purchase.

Small Town Raw - Big City Taste

I also wanted to share with you my first exposure to Paul Risse - if you haven't seen this You Tube video of when the RawBrah's met him last March - then you must watch it:

And here is just a little teaser photo from Small Town Raw for you so you can see the quality:

Here is some of the very early feedback from a few people who have just ordered:

"I just bought it. the recipes look incredible and the pictures are stunning! I've uploaded it to my Kindle am reading it cover to cover. I think my favorite part so far is his sharing his story and thoughts on things. " - Jamie Hupfer


"Just bought your book Paul, it is very professionally done and i look forward to reading it cover to cover. Well done and good luck!" - Jacqui Horne


"Everything looks very clean, crisp and beautiful! Where did Pauls hair go? LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!!!" - Ayn Julo


"I love Paul's book - very doable recipes, Traca's photography looks great, and obviously there's going to be some ladies swooning over those photos of PR." - Russell James

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