Wednesday, January 6, 2010

RFR's 11 Week Initiative Starts This Saturday!

At Raw Food Rehab we believe you can achieve a much more vibrant level of health, weight loss, detoxification, clarity of thought, increase in energy, noticeable emotional elevation and spiritual renewal. During our 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative we will focus on a variety of elements that will help you succeed in your health & weight loss goals. Let's talk a look at some of those key points here:

As you transition away from eating the typical American diet, you'll want to look at setting your goal towards eating 80% whole, fresh, raw, ripe, organic focus foods. These foods are the most healthy for your body due to their nutritional profiles and their alkaline forming properties. They are healing, nutrient dense, life giving foods that your body needs to rejuvenate, restore health and bring your body into homeostasis.

The other 20% of your diet is up to your common sense. People with compromised immunities, those who are obese, those with degenerative disease and/or severe food allergies/sensitivities will likely need to consider carefully how they approach this 20%. Many will choose to be 100% raw and generally reap faster results in doing so, while others prefer to use this 20% to help them in social situations, traveling and in functioning more comfortably in society.

Things to consider-

* Eliminate all refined sugars & processed flours from your diet
* Reduce or eliminate the consumption of animal products
* Increase your fiber intake fiber daily (the raw food diet makes this so easy)
* Eat foods in their natural state, organic and locally grown whenever possible.
* Avoid soft drinks, commercial coffees, processed teas and sports drinks
* Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water, herbal teas, fresh juices & green smoothies daily.
* Include Superfoods into your diet.
* Do a Juice Feast/Fast once or twice a year for at least 7 - 10 days.
* Consider a quality multi-vitamin and B12 supplement for life.

Your Habits/Lifestyle -
We all have habits that we've adopted to our daily lives. Some are health giving and others are health compromising. We've heard that it take 21 days to establish new patterns and habits, so our time in
Raw Food Rehab is an ideal opportunity to evaluate and fine tune our personal habits in a way that will have lasting impact on our weight, health and well being.

Things to Consider:

* Look at your patterns/habits....list the pros and cons:
- Eating. When do you eat? When you're truly hungry, to alleviate stress or for comfort?
- Sleep. Do you sleep before midnight? Are you getting at least 7 hrs. per night?
- Smoking. Do you need help in quitting once and for all?
- Alcohol. How much are you drinking? Could it be sabotaging your diet/health?
- Recreational Drugs. How are they affecting your choices and your life?
- Relationships. Are they life giving and elevating? Are they toxic and draining?

* Find time to move your body in fun and unique ways by:
- taking the stairs
- riding your bike
- walking 30 minutes throughout the day
- bouncing on a mini-trampoline/rebounder
- park in the back of parking lots
- stretch your body through yoga or other movement
- clean your house
- care for your own yard

* Learn to care for yourself & your health by:
- regular dry skin brushing before bathing/showering
- good dental care; brushing, flossing and regular dental cleaning
- pampering yourself with massage, pedicure or other care taking treatments
- break a cleansing sweat through exercise, steam room, sauna
- stay conscious of your elimination; utilize colon cleansing as needed
- moisturizing your skin with coconut oil or other essential oils

* Take time for emotional and spiritual renewal by:
- Learning techniques for relaxing your mind & body daily
- journaling your thoughts, opening your heart to personal honesty and authenticity
- releasing unforgiveness, resentments, anger and grief
- prayer, meditation, worship and thanksgiving
- giving of your time, talents and resources to the less fortunate and lonely

Our next 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative kicks off this coming Saturday, January 9th. We would like to extend and invitation for you to join us at our virtual health retreat and begin taking charge of your life, one bite at a time! To become a member of our community click here.
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