Thursday, February 4, 2010

28 Day Total Reset Cleanse Days 1 - 4

Woke up to 32 oz. of water w/ lemon and made up a pitcher of this to sip on throughout the day:
9am - this gorgeous AND delicious Grapefruit Goji Juice (I juiced 6 ruby red grapefruits, then threw a handful of goji berries in to soak for a couple of minutes. Blended and strained....outrageously delicious kick off to my 28 Day Cleanse!)

at noon I had this hardcore savory green was absolutely marvelous. I just threw in a bit of what I had: carrot, kale, celery, tomato, red bell pepper, jalapeno, watercress, cucumber, lime, apple cider vinegar
around 2:30 I cracked into a young thai coconut and drank the water. Then at
4:30 pm it was Tea Time! Woodland Raspberry Afternoon Tea is a beautiful blend of rooibos, raspberries, hawthorne berries, heather, rose petals & vanilla
at 7:30 pm I had my final concoction for the day......blended 3 carrots, 3 big handfuls of romaine, 2 stalks celery, 1/2 red bell pepper, 2 scallions, big handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 tbsp cold pressed olive oil, a splash of apple cider vinegar and the juice of one lemon. I blended well and then's yummy.
SORRY NO looks almost identical to the earlier green juice.

Started off this morning with 2 tall glasses of Goji Lemon water:
I went to an awesome exercise's a perfect fit for me. I can't believe that I actually love going to this class.....what an answer to prayer!

Came home and cranked out another Grapefruit Goji Delight:
Lunch was a tall glass of Pure Vitality (beet, carrot, lemon & ginger) pretty & delicious!
For my afternoon pick-me-up I made a Tea Latte (red rooibos tea with fresh almond milk & grated nutmeg)
And then finally at 7 pm it was my American Idol Special (spinach, asparagus, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, reb bell pepper, lime all juiced and then blended with coconut water & half a small avocado).
I had a wonderful high energy day....excellent spirits. I think the exercise is just what I needed and the lightness of living on just juice is also elevating my spirits. It seems to have rekindled a new sense of hope and clarity, plus it looks like I've lost about 3 or 4 pounds...hallelujah!!

As always....32 oz of water upon arising (I had just enough left over from yesterday's goji lemon).
Later, I enjoyed My Morning Tea - Bosphorus Blend has pistachios, cumin, almond pieces, coriander, apples, pineapple & tea leaves. Available at
Before I went to the gym for a lunch time cardio BLAST, I delighted in 24 oz. of Exotica - juiced pineapple, cilantro blended with the water of one young coconut.
After my 1 1/2 hour pummeling by "Booty Camp Girl" I was ready for something to lift my spirits and quench my thirst. This Afternoon Delight of juiced oranges, blueberries - blended with fresh almond milk, was the perfect post workout refueling:
My pattern so far this week, is that I brewed some tea in the late afternoon to help me with whatever that nagging feeling is that seems to come over me. It's not really hunger, it is just something else....I hope to figure out what is so I can share it with you, but the tea really helps. Today I enjoyed Amalfi Dreams -- fair trade certified green rooibos, blood orange peels, spearmint & apple:
Then today's grand finale was 32 oz. of Green Gratitude -
carrots, celery, tomato, cilantro, cucumber, lime, jalapeno, apple cider vinegar & fresh cracked pepper:
Another wonderful my past experience Day 3 or 4 on juice seemed to be the getting over the hump point. I think if I can drink juice for 3 days, I can certainly do it for several more. I feel extremely clearheaded and hopeful about the whole of life. Can't ask for more than that!

Before my 9 am workout I had my 32 oz. of lemon water. My warming morning beverage was a ginger, lemon & honey infusion:
After working out, I came home and created an Orange Genius - oranges, peaches, coconut water & meat blended with organic vanilla and strained. SOOOOOooooooo delicious!
I had a marvelously simply afternoon juice of spinach, apples, celery and lemon. Classic.Skipped afternoon tea because I had to console & counsel my brokenhearted 16 yr. old daughter who's boyfriend broke up with her today : ( ......and right before Valentines's Day.....WAH!
I managed to throw together an old favorite for dinner - Green Gringo pg. 52 of Raw Food Cleanse:
So things were just a little "emo" around the house today, but I went the distance and stayed true to my juicy journey. I think I'm over the hump now....all this juicing has given me much more clarity and compassion, it seems. It has also given me marked improvement in my energy and sleep has been so sweet since I've been so fluid and exercising diligently.

I'm feeling accomplished and am encouraged by the direction the dial on the bathroom scale is moving : )
If you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing with this 28 Day Total Reset Cleanse, check out my book, Raw Food Cleanse, and you'll get all the scoop!
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