Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Food & More Wisdom

Although we talk an awful lot about food, specifically raw food, here at Raw Food Rehab, I am also very passionate about helping you to find real food for your heart and soul. My friend, Brian Johnson of Philosopher's Notes, dishes up some of the best, most digestible fare which will help you to become a better you in less time than you can imagine.

For years I've been a seeker of truth, wisdom and personal development, but I really appreciate when I can get the highlights and bullet points first and then, when I have more time, I can go deeper. That is exactly what Brian has put together with his Philosopher's Notes - he's taken 200 of the top personal growth books… ever - and condensed them down into mini-CliffsNotes™ style summaries that offer you more wisdom in a lot less time.

From nutrition and love to positive psychology, old school and modern classics, Philopsopher's Notes enables you to tap into the wisdom that matters and that can help to radically transform your life.

When you sign up with PN, you'll get high-quality MP3's which allow you to get your wisdom on no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re driving, walking/running, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, riding your bike, preparing a meal, cleaning the house or simply relaxing, each 20-minute makes personal growth more convenient than ever. The technology that went into Brian's MP3s is unbeatable, and well, just plain cool. When uploaded to an iPod or iPhone you’ll be able to see the cover and a synopsis of each note with just a finger click.

You'll also get a 6 page pdf file of the most transformational Big Ideas from each of the books. Beautiful to look at and powerful to use, these mini-CliffsNotes™ of personal growth will inspire and empower you to live your deepest truths. I have printed mine and have them in a binder so that the wisdom is available anytime in a user-friendly tool that works well for me.

Another cool thing is the totally free resource is Philosopher's Notes TV on You Tube. Brian has put together little 10 minute clips of him sharing some of the Big Ideas from many of the books on video. You can subscribe through iTunes and download them as podcast to your computer or iPod/iPhone. Just another raw to rock the wisdom in a way that might work well for you. Here is one of my very favorite video clips from Jack Canfield's awesome book The Success Principles - I hope you'll listen to it in its entirety because the part where he shares about 99% vs 100% has really transformed how I am successfully transforming a couple of areas in my life in which I had been struggling :

I can honestly tell you that this resource has be truly transformational for me over the past year, but more specifically in the last month, because I finally got Brian's MP3's loaded into my cell phone. So I have Brian Johnson talking in my ear everyday now. I am finding that as I listen to and begin to apply all of these ideas diligently, patiently, persistently, and playfully - my life is daily becoming more of what I want it to be and I find that I am feeling more and more empowered to BE THE CHANGE in this world.

I can't encourage you enough to go check out what has been created over at Philosopher's Notes and I hope that while you're there you'll check out all of the other super cool things Brian and his goddess Alexandra have created to help support you along your journey towards the most abundant, vibrant life ever!

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