Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready to Get Juicy?

In the above video, I am sharing with you details and available resources for aw Food Rehab's upcoming Living on Liquids 30 Day Program. We'll be kicking off the juicy fun next Wednesday, August 17th and it will continue through Thursday, September 15th.

Now is a wonderful time to come join us for RFR's current 11 Week Total Health & Wellness Initiative - RAW RESULTS. By joining us in The Vault now, not only will you have access to all of the digital materials, support videos filmed by Dara Dubinet & I, the weekly focus pdf's, an awesome book study w/ Susan Bradbury and incredible community support, but you'll also be able to plug into the Living on Liquids Community Forum. This will be THE place to discuss all things juicy and to get your individual questions answered. This forum will be moderated by Dara, Debi Farley, Susan Bradbury and I. We also have a number of other members who have a wealth of juice feasting experience who will be able to share from their experiences as well.

Join the RAW RESULTS Vault NOW - Click Here

The following list offers additional resources and topics of interest that may also be helpful for you:

My ebook - Real Juice Daily

Dave's 3rd Annual International Day of Juice Feasting

Check out Raw food Rehab's Tool Shed & our Liquid Lounge

Hoping you'll join us as we Get the Glow by Getting our Juice On!!

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