Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Into Raw with Me!

Autumn has just began and I have an amazing digital resource for you, if you are looking for more education, seasonal recipes, pantry & shopping lists, and much more.  My ebook series, Falling Into Raw - Finding Simplicity & Balance in the Season has been recently re-edited and is available now at a marvelous price. A great deal of love and energy went into the creation of this collection and I know it will be a source of tangible support for you, whether you are brand now to raw foods, are a long-time raw food enthusiast or if you have fallen off track are ready to hit the reset button!

In this set you will receive 3 digital books:
Falling Into Raw - Finding Simplicity & Balance in the Season  - The main book includes my personal story with raw foods, how to get started & putting a plan into action, keeping your motivation, eating for the season, nutritional info on all seasonal produce, stocking your pantry, a market list, personal statistics & journal page.

Falling Into Raw - In The Kitchen - a collection of over 90 seasonally inspired raw and vegan recipes.
Falling Into Raw - The Photos - over 40 beautiful digtial photographs of many of the finished  recipes.
Falling Into Raw can be ordered immediately and for just $24.99 you will receive all of this material, which will be directly sent to your email Inbox.

And please feel free to leave any questions you may have in the comments below!
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