Friday, August 3, 2007

Turbulance in the Night

I am pretty sure no one is reading my blog. I think it must just be a type of self therapy.....a self absorbed, sick past time for me. I am obviously getting something out of it or I wouldn't keep doing it, right? I guess I am asking myself that question, since no body reads this.

Anyway.....I fell from raw food grace last night. I have been all raw since July 16th and then last night I succumbed to temptation. One of my good friends owns the best pizza place in town. I never eat there for obvious reasons. This friend also owns the coolest little bar in town and I do go there to socialize because they don't allow smoking and I can actually have a cocktail and not pollute my lungs as I pollute my liver. Back to the I am down at the Cellar Dweller last night and my husband and some of our other friends decide to order Pie Hole and have it delivered. I say, "order a salad for me." They are nice to comply. Once the pizzas arrive, I start the sniffing. I smell the New York style goodness and they all gang up on me and say, "What would just one piece hurt??" I think....yes.....I am not a raw food maniac! One piece will not kill me! So I did it I ate one piece and half of a second. There, I did it. Who the hell cares?

I was awakened in the night with a churning cramping stomach. I felt hung over...yet I only had one drink. I went to the bathroom and that's when the fun started. YIKES! My body did not want that slop in there (no offense to my friend). I mean things were working over time to get it OUT!! I have visited the toilet a number of times now and I am quite confident that most of everything I have taken in this week is out! I suppose that is a good thing.

If I had any readership, I am thinking that I have probably just lost them. Bowel movement discussions are always a good way to clear a room in my experience.

I am back to my raw diet today. That's right.....gonna get back on that pony and ride.

Peace. Out.


deaintheraw said...


I want you to know that I have read your post and can relate and sympathize.
I too used to suffer from aggravated IBS since my teens and the only thing that has helped is raw food which I only discovered this year. My life has changed so much for the better. I have been 100% raw since March this year with a few slips. Oddly I was 100% the first 90 days and its just the last month or so when I have had my 3 slips. Travelling is a tough one to handle for me, social situations and now that its summer its tough too. I am raw by myself here. It is important enough to do it but sometimes I wish I was back home in the states with asian stores, whole foods and coops. I live and work in southern Italy and things are very basic here. Anyway wanted you to know that I got a lot of strength and encouragement from your words and hope too. Thanks for your honesty, energy and spirit. Peace and blessings Dea :) xoxo

Celeste Frenette said...

You are amazing Penni. I wonder if you have gone back to read your blog from the beginning, it's amazing where your path has taken you. Much gratitude to you for sharing your journey with the world so bravely and authentically.

Celeste :)