Friday, January 11, 2008

Season of Change

2008 is off to an incredible start. I have heard from so many people that they are feeling a change in the energy or vibration in and around them as we move into this new year. Whether you believe in the study of numerology or not, my friend Courtney Pool says, 2008 is a number 1 in numerology which means its the beginning of a new cycle. I receive that and I feel it. Do you?

At the end of last year, I quit the work I had been doing for 15 years to stay home and refocus. Although I wasn't burnt out, I just simply felt that I was done. Time for a new chapter in life and my husband and family felt it too. My clients, however, did not feel it, which has been difficult....but everything all works out in the end. I am very fortunate to be in a situation where taking this sabbatical is possible and I have a true awareness that this window of time is a gift as well as an assignment.

So, what am I doing with my time? Lots of people have asked and the words haven't been coming easy. I haven't even blogged it because I don't know how to articulate but I will try to do so here and see how it turns out.

First and foremost, this is a time for spiritual awakening. Taking the time to tune into the stillness and quiet and reflecting upon what I am hearing. My life has been filled with such clamor... I long for rest from the noise and the voices, voices including my own. I have a knowing of a greater purpose, but I don't want to be the one to write it in my own strength, by my own will or ego. I want it to unfold as I go deeper into this process of just being.

Of course there are goals and dreams that I have. Some are new and some have been with me for many years. As I was working through a goal setting session online (thanks Dhrumil), I realized that a number of the dreams/goals on my list have been part of me since I was a young girl or teen. Why in the world would they still be lingering around and eluding me 20+ years later? That's a real question and I wanted to learn the real answer. As I meditated on it, it came to me that I had been believing, on a very subconscious level, that I either wasn't worthy or that I didn't have the courage it takes to achieve these goals. What a realization! And how very sad it is that I was holding onto that type of belief after all I've learned and after all the other people I have helped motivate and support through the years to reach their personal goals. Breathe. So, it is just a mind set...that's all. Old thought patterns are programmed in, very deeply at our core sometimes, yet I know they can also be programmed out as well.

Over time, I will likely share what some of my goals are, but for now, I just wanted to put this down for the record. I am in a reprogramming mode. A mental, spiritual and physical detox, if you will. I am so thankful to have an immediate family that "gets me" and that allows me to evolve and grow as a person without fear. I am also aware that my new friends, many of whom I've met since I have been on the raw food path, are such a gift. The inspiration and the enlightenment I receive on a daily basis is priceless. Many of you aren't even aware how your tiny little blurbs coming through on the computer or through text message, envelope me in support and raise my energy and vibration to higher levels. I feel community with you, even though a few of you are physically on the other side of the planet. From my heart, I cherish you all.

So, moving ahead...what does this year hold for us all? I live in wonder and excitement to see. I have this phrase I keep thinking in my head, "Something wonderful is happening." Do you feel it bubbling inside of you? Even if its just the tiniest of nudgings, allow it come forth and manifest. As Henry David Thoreau says, " Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." Won't you let me know what's bubbling up on the inside of you?


Dea said...

Hey lady,
your post was beautiful, you have a way with words, ever considered writing? You'd be great at it.
I feel the change in the air too, 2008 for me is a new beginnings year for me in more ways than one. I am shedding fear, apprension and insecurity. Everything is going to be great, including our visit to NYC for a weekend to PWF and other haunts.
So glad u r in my life, xoxo Dea

Blaq Berry said...


"Reprogramming mode"...I like that:) As I read your post, my mind wondered and I recalled conversations with dear friends about unattained dreams and time barreling on. What you wrote here is very helpful.

The bit your friend mentioned in reference to 2008/numerology is really interesting. A "new cycle" feels about right. Many others I have talked with sense a sort of shift as well. Will be fascinating to see how this year evolves.

Very enlightening post. Thank you, Wonderful Being, so much for sharing!


JulieK said...

Penni, I feel the change as well! My hubby & I have been talking about it for a week now and questioned if it was real or if we were just in that New Year mindset. I believe in your friend's numerology!

You and I have a lot in common in everything you wrote. Keep writing, you are fabulous!

<3 JulieK

JuJu's Place said...

I feel a change too (positive), and thank you for your little twitters-- those twitters from all (raw foodies) of you have been more uplifting than you know- and so encouraging to reach my/our family's goals. It's so nice to not feel alone in this journey of life :) Best wishes to you in 2008!!

Ingrid said...

Hi Penni, well written and thought provoking.

I am a huge, huge, huge believer in numerology, quantum physics, and such. We are in a 1 year, we meaning all of us. This cycle's energy affects the whole world.

Yeap, I most definitely feel the shift in vibration. I was a bit of an early bird setting my goals last year before I returned to the states and have been working them since. As you, I have chosen to fly under the radar in terms of voicing my goals, I can relate completely. Not that I'm trying to be so darn mysterious, just following my intuition.

I noticed that cute picture of you in California. Where you here recently?

wyldegirl said...

i don't know how else to respond or what else to say. . . except me too! amazing how others thoughts and musings and current paths are so synchronized with so many others and the little posts and twitter updates and comments flowing through our daily lives are incredible beyond belief and i'm going to trail off here because once again, i'm sort of speechless and you said it succinctly and the grin on my face basically sums it up as well. . .
in gratitude
xx jenny