Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Into The Light

First things first.....I've had so many emails inquiring about how I'm doing, asking if I've died or if I've fallen off the face of the earth over the past few days. A great big thank you to everyone who has written! There were ferocious storms here Sunday morning (day 1 of my feast breaking).....70 mile per hour winds, weather head was ripped from the house, huge trees were snapped and our streets were flooded. We lost power on Sunday morning and just got it back last night. My internet connection is hit or miss due to the number of lines that are down, so I'm hoping to finish this post in one piece tonight!

Obviously, my juice feast breaking went a bit differently than planned, due to the lack of electricity. I had planned on having a wonderful green smoothie to start my day Sunday...obviously that didn't happen since the Vita Mix was out of order. Thankfully I had a small handful of prunes I'd soaked for good measure, so I had my own little juice feast breaking ritual here at home, in the stormy darkness, with no fanfare. I couldn't even go to Whole Foods for my daily juice because they had no power either. Later in the day I had some melon and then finally, a bit of mashed avocado.....probably not part of the protocol on day one, but thankfully, I had no adverse reaction to it.

Over the past few days, I have been gently entering back into the world of whole foods. I have been on a slightly more accelerated pace than is advised due to my circumstances. I still feel amazing and I am enjoying my re-entry back to whole foods. I've been having juice (either citrus or coconut water because I can do that manually) or very simple fruits. Tonight I had a light salad and it tasted exquisite! I haven't gained a pound, but I can feel the difference in the feel of my body from being on an exclusively liquid diet to now one that includes more solids. I can safely say that I much prefer the way my body feels when I am on a liquid diet.

Below are the statistics that I experienced while juice feasting. The interesting thing is that in the last month or so, I saw very little change in weight or measurements. I honestly don't feel like I made much overall progress after the 60 day mark. When I juice feast again, and believe me I will, I don't think I will go over 60 days at a time. That is just my personal experience.....

beginning ending total lost
upper arms 14" 11" -3"
bust 43 1/4" 38" -5 1/4"
waist 38" 31" -7"
hips 45 1/4" 38" - 7 1/4"
thighs 26" 22" -4"
calves 15" 14" -1"
ankles 8" 8" -0-
Total Inches lost -27 1/2"

Beginning Weight - 171
Ending Weight - 143
Total Weight Loss -28 lbs.

I'll write more tomorrow regarding this exciting new chapter. I've already started on my next phase which includes a new commitment and a more rigorous exercise regime. A huge thank you to those of you who have been so diligent in your comments and truly are the wind beneath my wings! xoxo.....Penni


HiHoRosie said...

Fantastic! You must be one hot mama! ;) Icky about the horrible storm. Hopefully everything turns out okay. Those types of storms can be so scary. It was good to hear an update from you.

Linda Salas said...

She´s ALIVE!!! I´m glad you are all ok and very happy that you are doing fine! I get what you say, It does feel different, I caught myself being cranky today for a while, a shade of cranky I hadn´t felt for a long time!! but just becoming concious of it helped me get past it.

Much light to you and hope your town is ok!!

Charissa said...

Wahooo Penni! So amazingly proud to know such a strong, victorious woman!!!

So excited to hear your update. You're doing so great!

Must be fun to eat. ;)

Quickie: Where do you get all your beautiful blog photos, what site?

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Glad to see an update. I was wondering where you were. Congrats on beautiful stats, and I have to agree about the 60 day mark.

I've become obsessed with hot yoga. You might like to try it if it sounds good to you.

Pixy Lisa

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

I just found this "Post Juice-Feasting Strategies" blog entry here. It's very good if you want to take a look:

Pixy Lisa

deaintheraw said...

Hi there Penni,
I was hoping that you and your family were alright through the stormy weather. I love that you are so flexible and creative that you were able to get through your feast breaking despite the no power. I too have plateaued weight loss wise at 30 lbs right around 60 days so I agree with you, 60 days is good. I love the way I feel on juice too although I can't compare it to how I will feel back on whole foods. I think juice, shakes, salads , superfoods and occasional dehydrated elaborate raw meals will be a good balance. Re: raw spirit, I am flying into Phx on Sept 7th and hanging out in Phx & Scottsdale for 4 days to shop & get over jet lag, if u want to join me we could treat ourselves to spa services etc, lemme know xoxo Dea

Raw Runner said...

WOOOHOOO I'd love to have a waist of 31 again - I am so close but so far away! Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Carrie Cegelis said...

Hi Penni,
Congratulations on a solidly fantastic Juice Feast! Looking forward to hearing about your next steps.
Best to you....

Michelle said...

Wow! You are amazing! I love your attitude. No problem! Good for you for listening to your intuition and breaking your feast in a healthy way.

I am so glad everything is OK. I know how scary those storms can be. I love my weather radio!

Much luck and love to you Penni!

loulou said...

Hey there Penni. Wow, with those stats you must be looking like Jessica Rabbit! You have lost such a lot of inches off your waist, you must be really happy!
Sorry you couldn't break your feast quite as you'd planned, but glad you're enjoying eating. Don't be too scared of it, but, from my own experience, I'd definitely say to go as slowly as possible incorporating richer, denser foods back into your diet. You yearn to try all the things you've missed but your body just doesn't need them yet. It's mind over matter, still. That just doesn't go away magically.
Interesting that you don't feel you benefited past 60 days, at least not physically. What about emotionally/with food issues - did the extra month help you at all there? Just curious :)
lots of love xxx

Wendi Dee said...

I'm so super inspired by you and happy for you, too!! You set a goal and stuck to it--and did an amazingly beautiful thing by sharing it with all of us!!

I'm impressed by the inches you've decreased, particularly the bust area. I want to lose there, but it's not budging! Maybe that will be what pushes me to juice feast sometime! :-P I'm so *not* proportional because of that. Otherwise, all is great on raw!

That really sucks about losing the power during the breaking of your feast. It sounds like you've been doing well with things, though.

I'm curious about the inches you went down--did you check periodically, or only at the end? I'm wondering because even though my weight hasn't gone down much lately, my body shape/size is still shifting. Do you think your body was continuing to change/shift after day 60, or did everything seem to halt around that time?

I'm looking forward to following you on whatever your next journey will be, Penni! I love you!


jessica said...

wow what a storm! glad you are okay. amazing transformation with the juice feast.

ecocentrick said...

Wow, Penni! Your results are amazing; great job! I know electricity hasn't been on your side for the feast break, but you've managed well with some creativity.

Vegannosaurus Rex said...

when are you unveiling the final before-after photos?

Tanisha Marshall said...

Congrats Penni on finishing the juice feast. I bet it felt so good being on juices only I noticed I feel best that way as well.

Welcome back to raw food..