Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Raw Spirit Festival

(disclaimer....some of the names within this post have been changed to protect the innocent....I saw that on Dragnet and thought I should include it for this entry.)
Throughout this week I hope to share some of the stories from my experiences at the Raw Spirit Festival. There are so many tales from the vortex that it's hard to focus on where to start, however, one particular episode easily stands out as the most memorable in my overview of our long weekend.

About three weeks ago, I was exposed to the craziest YouTube video I had seen in a long time. One of the members of Raw Fu posted it in a forum on our online community and I had to show my whole family this crazy cat because I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this guy for real?......

Uh, yeah. So, fast forward three weeks. As my plane landed in Sedona, I receive a text message from Bunny Berry, one of my roomies, asking if I minded if we give her new found RSF friend, Marcheeba, a ride into Sedona from the airport. Bunny, Angela and I agreed that it would be good to help out a raw food sister in need, not to mention that carpooling is good for the environment, so sure, why not? Hop in, Marcheeba!

The next 8 hours proved to be very interesting. Apparently, Marcheeba took a liking to us Southern girls and seemed to take pleasure in educating us along the 2 hour drive into Sedona about the vortex energy in this region. Marcheeba explained that we should be on the alert because the spiritual nature of the area creates lots of openings in one's soul, allowing things to "bubble up and release." Marcheeba shared stories of her numerous mystic travels to Sedona and of the many synchronistic happenings of years past. There were tales of Chakras, past life regression, reiki, and a certain man named Nacom, with whom Marcheeba had experienced an intense, spontaneous, spiritual and tantric connection with in Sedona over 10 years ago, but hadn't seen since. She told us to get ready because once in Sedona.....things just happen. I found myself tightening my seat belt.

One of our first stops was the local health food store, New Frontiers. With the exception of the flagship Whole Foods store in Austin, I've never in my life seen such a glorious selection of organic, raw food goodies and provisions. We rambled around this store like euphoric ADHD children in a toy store until we suddenly realized that Marcheeba was missing. We knew we couldn't just leave her there because we had her luggage in our car. Nearly at our wits end, we finally rounded the last corner and there she was, speaking with a man that she promptly introduced to us as, Nacom. Oh Babaji, let the synchronicities begin.

One thing led to another, and I won't bore you with all of the details of our evening, which seemed to be an endless comedy of errors, but I must share our final encounter. A group decision was made to leave Bunny in our hotel room to upload pictures and video, while Angela & I trekked out into the dark, starry night to try to find the host home where Marcheeba would be staying. Navigation wasn't easy since neither Angela or I knew the terrain nor were we proficient night drivers. Eventually, through group effort, we found the address and pulled up outside Lawrence's impressive Sedona house. The following videos detail the rest of our encounter......

Be sure to stay tuned for more tales from Raw Spirit Festival 2008 in Sedona, Arizona.
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