Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Raw Fu Weekend in Hotlanta

Paula and I found ourselves in the air early this past Friday morning, flying en route to Atlanta - Georgia, for Bunny Berry's Day 30 Raw Fu Meetup. In the above slide show, you can enjoy a glimpse into the beautiful weekend we shared with friends. Meeting Bunny was surreal....a dream come true. She's exactly like I thought she'd be, only a little more spectacular, if that's possible. Rawbin, Blaq Berry, Jer, Joanna, Basil and all the others were uniquely captivating and charming in memorable and endearing ways. Dinner at R. Thomas in Atlanta was delightfully campy and the food was very healthy and delicious. The Raw Fu members who joined us were darling and I learned a lot of new things that evening. I tasted my first creamy, exotic Durian.....who knew that it would cause stinky pee just like asparagus? I am a believer in the power of community. My only regret....not getting to meet Chadd....but our day will come.

One thing that motivates and inspires me is that I will soon be leaving again, but this time for Sedona, where I'll be attending Raw Spirit Festival in just another week. Happily, I'll be united and reunited with some of my beautiful friends and many others who I can't wait to see once again. Stay tuned for details on this upcoming getaway as they begin to unfold.
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