Monday, June 8, 2009


green juice - brooklyn art project
As many of you know, I am currently in the process of writing my first REAL raw food book. I felt that having some actual hard facts and personal testimonials of the benefits of the diet would be helpful research to present in the book. When I first threw out the idea on Raw Fu and You Tube that I could use a few willing guinea pigs, I had no idea so many wonderful people would respond. I was truly overwhelmed by the response and I was forced to close registration at 150 participants, because I knew I would be unable to manage anything over that.

I currently have just over 100 active participants in my raw food experiment, which I am now calling, RAW FOOD REHAB. In the first week we collectively lost 209 pounds, and that was with only 85 people weighing in yesterday. I am very pleased with the early results and I can't wait to see how the next ten weeks will unfold.

I have been so sad that I have had to turn anyone away from this research and I so appreciate all of the eager readers and friends who have written to me. Even though I can't take anymore volunteers in the program, I did want you to know that I am making daily videos with instruction, encouragement and education. If you are interested, please log onto my YouTube Channel and you can follow along and hear bits and pieces of what we are doing and how things are progressing.

Right now the book is scheduled for an early winter release if everything goes as planned. I want to thank you so much your love, prayers and support!
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