Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RFR Gets Juicy!

My Raw Food Rehab 11 Week Experiment is in it's final stretch and will be officially coming to a close this coming Sunday. It has been a life changing experience for many of the participants, and certainly for me, as well. I'm busting my buttons to fill you in on the details of what's actually transpired inside the Rehab unit over the past 10 weeks, however, I will wait until all of the final statistics have been compiled. Although much of the research will appear in my upcoming book, Raw Food Cleanse, I'll be sharing some of the highlights with you here on Real Food Tulsa.

Until then, I thought you might enjoy a glimpse at some of the juicer photos that were submitted from participants. This is a collection that I put together of the fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies that were added to the site. What a juicy, creative group of guinea piglets I had!

So today....why don't you get in on the action? Go make yourself a big green juice or smoothie and do your body some good! Let us know what you make in the comments, OK?
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