Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Horizons

Having just traveled through a series of challenging life experiences, I wanted to share with you some recent insights that have helped me think about change and about new beginnings. This writing is from my personal journal, revealing my spiritual perspective on these life circumstances....

We all remember blowing the seeds off of a dandelions as children. What was it about the act of blowing on them, watching their fluffy little seeds floating away in different directions, that was so intriguing? I wonder just how many dandelions I germinated as a child? It had to be thousands!

Just the way blowing on a dandelion head disperses and maximizes the chances of one of its seeds finding a suitable place to set down roots and continue it's life cycle, so is the simple act of letting go and allowing the forces of life to propel the seeds we sow. It's an integral part of life.

As life blows us in new directions or propels us onto a new stage, we often become uneasy. How many times do we, in our humanness, try to cling to the familiar, holding on tightly, instead of allowing change to carry us along to new paths? Fear of the unknown can be overwhelming to many of us, preventing us from living a life that is FULLY ALIVE and from enjoying the abundance that awaits.

We may feel like at times we are being blown apart, just like the head of a dandelion. But I believe in these circumstances, God in His infinite wisdom, already has a place prepared where we can put down our roots, bloom and thrive as we trust and embrace these times of newness and growth.

This reflection was inspired by a daily reading entry from The Upper Room.
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