Monday, September 28, 2009


I've just finished week two of my liquid cleanse and I've been thoroughly enjoying creating all the colorful and nutrient dense concoctions, photographing them and sharing the recipes on Facebook. Much interest has been generated among my non-raw food friends, which has been really exciting. At least 3 people I know have gone out and bought juicers or blenders! Perhaps it's that the concept of doing a juice or liquid cleanse isn't as intimidating for some as jumping into a lifestyle of living cuisine. I totally agree with what David Wolfe says...."If the only thing you can change about your diet is to get 32 oz. of fresh green juice a day and add one big salad, then you're well on your way to seriously improved health."

I have felt really strong this week. No real detox symptoms to report. People have been asking about weight loss, and I only dropped 2 pounds this past week, so about 7 or 8 pounds altogether in 14 days. I have been drinking a lot, and there has been plenty of high calorie fruit in the mix, so that may be the reason for slowed weight loss. Also, my exercise routine has been really minimal, as I'm only finding time for evening walks with the dogs, which aren't much more than a 20 minute stroll. If I've had a downfall during this time of seasonal cleansing, it's been inactivity.

I'm wrapping this cleanse up on Wednesday, and will be adding solids back into my diet for my big weekend of festivities ahead. Because I've been having blended smoothies and some fats throughout this time, transitioning to solids will be pretty effortless. My birthday is this Friday and we'll be staying at the historic, chic Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City to celebrate. Then Saturday, I'll be rolling with raw rock stars at OKC's 105degrees' Live & Learn event. I am still pinching myself over this deal and I sure hope some of you can make it.

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog or my Facebook page because next week I'll be rolling out the details on Raw Food Rehab's new and improved website and announcing all of the details about our group project, Raw For the Holidays, an eBook brought to you by the original "Cast" of Raw Food Rehab.

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