Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Someone You Should Know - Bill Hoppa

Friends of Real Food Tulsa may already know Bill Hoppa. In case you don't know Bill and his wife Katy, they joined my Raw Food Rehab Experiement at the prompting of their daughter, Jen Hoppa, this June. The transformations in each of their lives since that time have been profound.
This past weekend in OKC, Bill had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Karen Knowler, international raw food coach from the UK. Karen was captivated by Bill's transformation and filmed him as he shared his story and a bit about what has happened since he AND his family have made a choice to impact their health with this new and improved approach to eating. You can find this video along with many others on her YouTube channel.
Please visit my friend Karen's website or friend her up on her Facebook page.

The Hoppa's inspiring and heartwarming story, along with many others who participated in Raw Food Rehab will be featured in my upcoming book, the Raw Food Cleanse.
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