Friday, December 18, 2009

Fight Cravings, Stay Warm & Save Lives.....

Many of you may already know, Angela Thomas. Not only is Angela a Raw Food Rehab member and very dear friend, she also passionately runs her artisanal tea company, The Giving Teas Project. Angela's business/outreach donates ALL of its profits to sponsored children in Haiti, Uganda and around the globe. Angela has recently "adopted" a number of children in Uganda, all of whom are being fed, clothed and educated through the profits of her new organization. She has set an initial goal of being able to sponsor 100 children as soon as possible. This "company" is a way that Angela is able to marry together her love of fine teas and her heart's passion in helping to fulfill the world mission vision.

The Giving Teas Project currently distributes incredible hand blended teas and Angela is also working to produce an additional line of Holistic teas to help promote peace and health. One tea in particular that might interest you is Pu-erh. If you are on the path of seeking a tea that is anti-aging, cleansing, and promotes weight loss, this tea has it all rolled into one!

Here is what Angela has to say about her labor of love: "Every purchase you make from the The Giving Teas Project helps to feed, clothe and educate children in Uganda and Haiti. I am just an American mom trying to help children on the other side of the world, by bringing you some of the best hand blended artisanal teas available here in the States. I have spent countless hours finding the most exquisite and aromatic tea and herbal blends, targeted to those of you who appreciate something above and beyond the ordinary. Like fine wines, artisanal teas have personalities and distinctive properties, outside of the realm of what you may have ever experienced. For every personality, there is a signature tea for you!"

Here is Angela's daughter, Anna, giving her thoughts on mom's teas. Anna is clearly the young Vana White of tea:

Drinking herbal tea is THE perfect solution to help warm yourself during the cold months, up your body's infection and virus fighting power, and to ward off unhealthy food cravings. Drinking tea from The Giving Teas Project will also warm your heart because with each sip you are saving lives around the globe. It is an honor and passion to promote and spread the word about an integrity filled organization such as The Giving outreach that is dedicated to spreading the love, lending a helping hand and making a difference to our brothers and sisters around the globe. I want to invite you to join me in supporting Angela's noble efforts by reading and following her blog, checking out her amazing selection of teas, telling others and perhaps....buying a spot of tea!

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