Sunday, December 27, 2009

Focus, Renewal & Cleansing

I decided to take this sacred week between Christmas and New Years to slow down, get focused and find physical, mental & spiritual clarity in which to formulate my goals and vision for 2010....the beginning of a new decade. I have a sense of expectancy this year that I have never felt before, but I also know that in order to realize certain dreams and plans, I must have a clear cut game plan and then work that plan.

The reason I wrote my most recent eBook, New Years Raw Solutions, was out of my own need and the expressed needs of the community. People share with me all the time that they have the desire to make real and lasting changes in their diets and ultimately in the big picture of their lives, but somehow they find themselves struggling, ebbing and flowing between just surviving and feeling like a failure. This kind of thinking is commonplace it seems, not's limiting and defeating and I wanted to offer some real solutions, practical helps that if people will just implement, they'll begin to realize their full potential, becoming who they were created to be.
So, yesterday I began my cleanse, which I have outlined in detail for the community at Raw Food Rehab. You can join us there for absolutely free. At my "virtual health retreat" you'll find daily encouragement, inspiration, ongoing education, group support,tons of amazing recipes in our raw food kitchen and how to videos in our Culinary Center. Meanwhile, here at Real Food Tulsa, I'll be sharing with you what I'm eating each day and I also plan to share any additional insights that might come from this time of reflection. I would like to extend this as an invitation for you to join me in a post holiday detox, as you are able.

Saturday's Menu:
9 am - Blueberry Almond Milk Shake (blueberries, spinach, fresh almond milk, 1 frozen banana)
12 pm - Large salad w/ romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, cucumbers & olive oil & lemon juice dressing.
3 pm - Green drink - kale, parsley, granny smith apple and lemon
6 pm - Creamy Tomato Soup & a small side salad

Many of the cleansing recipes I will be using can be found in my New Years RawSolutions eBook and on the Raw Food Rehab Kitchen under the tab of Recipes for Detox & Cleansing.
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