Thursday, November 4, 2010

What Would Angela Stokes Do (WWASD)?

Yesterday I shared 2 things that have been a big help to me that I learned from David Wolfe. Today I share another little trick I use that has helped me along my raw food journey. This was prompted by a discussion thread that went up right after Halloween in the Vault. In this thread a member, who normally doesn't struggle with sugar cravings, was suddenly perplexed over a couple of sugar related binges she had allowed herself to go on.

Here are tidbits of this member's dilemma:

"I am not really one for sweets usually, but I can tell I have a sugar addiction that needs to be kicked! I took a trip to Montana recently for a reunion and had some beer and wine... then a bit more at home. This past weekend I totally overate at my mom's house for dinner- mostly veggies but also some wine and desserts. Now I have raided some Halloween candy and need help! Ugh!......I feel like I am sabotaging my weight loss goals for some reason. I have about 15 pounds to lose, but I have been in this for weeks now and have not lost anything due to my constant "treating myself" to drinks or dessert or cooked meals. What should I do to kick it once and for all? Tips? Suggestions? Moral support? It feels like when I tell myself I can't have something, that is ALL I WANT! :-P "

Among many of the great responses, here is mine:

"Here is a little game I have played with myself when I find myself slipping into some of the behaviors you speak of.....I pretend that I am Angela Stokes (hopefully you know who she is). Perhaps this is the actress in me, but I literally wake up in the morning and mentally role play. What would Angela Stokes do? I choose to "become Angela" when Penni's brat acts out.

Angela Stokes would NOT eat a candy bar or drink half a bottle of wine. Angela would not be caught in the kitchen noshing on wavy Lays. Angela Stokes goes into the kitchen and blends up a green juice or green smoothie. She lovingly takes the time to move her body and be playful during her day, even if that means some other things don't get done. Angela makes a big, beautiful salad or prepares a quick easy energy soup for lunch/dinner. Angela snacks on kale chips and a piece of fresh fruit. She stays calm and detached when lots of stress and action are happening all around her. Angela knows how to check out and check in to her "happy place."

So WWASD? What would Angela Stokes do? This works to get me back in the game!"

In the video I mention the article that Gwyneth Paltrow shared on her website, Goop, today. Here is the link to the Overcoming Sugar Addiction by Frank Lipman MD. The link to the We Like It Raw podcast I mention in which Dhrumil interviews Dr. Alejandro Junger, partner of Frank Lipman MD, is here.

We would love to hear comments from you today. Anything from role playing to how you've overcome your cravings/addiction to sugar is welcome!
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