Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting My Juice On

This morning I met with Matt Gleason of The Tulsa World. We hung out and chatted in the deli at Whole Foods and then we went produce shopping! Matt was really cool and seemed genuinely interested in this whole global juice feasting concept. He shared that he has even made some changes in his own diet and I think....I hope...he will chose to put a positive spin on the story. I spent a good deal of time preparing and I had my facts as ready as I was going to. I communicated that I feel as though I'm making an educated and dynamic choice for the betterment of my own health. My intention with this feast was never meant for any kind of publicity, as it feels like a completely personal thing to me, however, I am open to sharing what I've learned if it can help another. In the end, I made him promise not to make me into sounding like a far-out-new-age-hippie juice freak...he laughed. So did I, and we'll see how it all turns out when it hits the newsstand next week.

So, now that I've shopped and have this interview basically behind me, my personal enthusiasm has climaxed and I'm ready to get this show on the road. My kitchen and refrigerator are brimming with beautiful colors and overflowing with vibrant life. I have ended up only juicing today and haven't eaten anything yet, but Gordon and I will probably have "our last supper" this evening, just for fun. I'll most likely have a fabulous salad with an avocado....that sounds so good to me right now.

I just learned that my friend, Heidi Ohlander, has made the choice to end her juice feast today on day 35. She has done so well and she's been a huge source of encouragement to me. I applaud her for listening to her body and resisting the urge to prove a point, to try to hang in there for others or to push through for some sort of level achievement when that is so not what all of this is about. She is going to continue on with a modified juice feast and she will keep us posted on what that is going to look like in the days ahead.

Before I part with you, I'll post a list of what I purchased today for my first few days:

2 bundles spinach
2 heads romaine
2 heads rainbow swiss chard
2 bunches cilantro
2 bunches Italian parsley
2 bunches fresh mint
1 pkg. jerusalem artichokes
1 5 lb. bag carrots
3 heads celery
1 bunch red beets
6 cucumbers
3 red bell peppers
bag of lemons
bag of limes
4 young coconuts
1 ugly wad ginger
2 bags gala apples
Box of Rooiboos tea
Hemp Oil

And as Katrina Rainoshek says....only one more sleep and it will be time to let the feast begin!


Anonymous said...

Happy Juicing to you!!! I'm glad the interview went well. :-)

Lots of love to you,


1 Raw Girl said...

Yipppeee Todays the Day it all begins:)

Heidi and JS said...

Heidi and I are both very excited to see your progress!

Take that baton and run with it.

~ JS

Keely said...

I SALUTE you!!!