Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just Juice - Day One

Today was such a marvelous day here in was around 70 degrees, sunny, birds singing, people out walking themselves and their dogs....I love days like this. The weather set the tone for my first day on just juice perfectly. I think I did everything the way a good little juice feaster should. I had my water with lemon and MSM to start the day off. Enema, dry skin brush, and hot/cold shower - check. I can honestly say that I have never juiced that much green produce in one setting in my life. I was able to extract 3 quarts of lovely shamrock green juice in the first part of the day (which I sipped on about every 2 1/2 hours) and then ended up having the juice of one thai coconut with green powder added in around happy hour. When dinner time came, I enjoyed a delicious concoction of diluted grapefruit, lemon, and orange juice with a heaping Tbsp. of Crystal Manna Flakes. I also swallowed down a tbsp. of Hemp oil earlier in the day when I started to feel went to work almost instantly.

My friend, Dea, is also juice feasting right now and she lives in Italy. Last week she was commenting that she was hoping not to have any "bathroom drama" like when she had first gone 100% raw and was juicing. I haven't read the update on her day 1 report yet, but I can speak for myself on the subject......I have spent more time than usual in the loo. I came into this feast wanting to experience cleansing and it looks like I'm getting the desired results. Nothing unbearable and I was glad that I was able to stay fairly close to home. OK...that's enough detail about that.

No doubt about it, today felt like a success. I had a headache later in the day that hasn't completely left, but I expected as much. There will be plenty of other symptoms that will bubble up before it's over but I'm hoping to just roll with the flow and take each day as it comes. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the weight question. I weighed in at 165 pounds first thing this morning. I had been a few pounds less last time I weighed, so I don't know where these pesky ones came from, but it's no matter, they'll be gone again soon enough. I plan to weigh myself about once a week, and when I do, I'll share it here. I can tell you that I already feel less puffy and feel really hydrated.

Until tomorrow......


David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello Penni!!

We are so glad you had a happy Day 1!! We did too!

And congratulations on your success with the interview, we look forward to hearing more about it.

With love and blessings,

David and Katrina

savrah said...

Hi! It sounds like day 1 went off without a hitch! Awesome! Thanks for your comment on my blog- I'm really new at this blogging thing...yours is so lovely :) Good luck with the next few days.

1 Raw Girl said...

Sounds like your off to a wonderful start & it only gets better! Enjoy yourself because it is you:)

Dea said...

Hey Penni,
glad to have found your day 1 post... I posted my blog on on my page. You sound that you are doing great!
I managed to drink 4.5 quarts yesterday I am at 2 quarts to date today and 1 quart water...I am doing coconut oil instead of hemp oil, love to hear you are doing well, ciao bella muah! Dea xo

Heidi and JS said...


Sounds like you had an amazing day!

I'm so happy for you!

I have to agree with you, staying close to home for the first few days really helps. That is why I stayed home for the first days, just to make things easier.

Keep going sista!
~ Heidi