Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pin Up Girl - Day Twenty Six

Ever since I was young, I've had a fascination with pin up girls. My first introduction to tasteful pin up art was from my artistically talented mother who used to effortlessly sketch pin up girls in flawless detail as she appeared to be just mindlessly doodling while on the phone. Over the years I've collected a number of prints and I have a large folder of pin up art on my computer. I ran across this particular redhead today while I was going through a file and I thought I'd share her with you. One of my best friends is an amazing photographer, Western Doughty of Haftone Photography, and he and I have talked of a photo shoot in which he would take some retro pinup pictures of me once I am finished with my juice feast. I'd love to find a dress like the one in this picture and try to recreate a photograph fashioned after this drawing. was another amazing day. My day started off with a phone call from Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health. Kevin is a mover and shaker within the field of natural health and he has many amazing accomplishments under his belt. He has virtually interviewed every who's who in the raw food and vegan community and the list only begins there. Kevin has some really incredible things planned in upcoming months I am am going to be eager to watch the excitement unfold. We even touched on the potential of working together on a couple of projects, which would be fantastic. If you don't already follow his daily blog or watch his Renegade Health Show, you'll want to bookmark his page or better yet, add your email to his mailing list. I find I am always learning interesting and helpful facts and tidbits from him.

I can't believe it's been 26 days since I began living on just juice. I can honestly say I feel amazing and my energy just keeps getting stronger each day. If I were to change anything it would probably be to get more consistent with drinking water throughout the day. Sometimes I get busy and forget. Although my skin looks better all the time, I think I could use a bit more hydration. And about my skin....and hair and nails....I could pimp MSM all day long as a supplement. My finger nails have gotten so strong and are growing faster than I ever remember. Back in the day, when I worked in the salon, women asked me daily, "What can I do to make my nails stronger and not peel?" I never had a great answer back then, but now I'd tell them to pop about 6 -10 MSM capsules/day and watch the magic happen!

Wednesday's Daily Juice:
vanilla creme tea
2 qt. watermelon, blood orange and Spirulina
rooibos tea
1 qt. celery, purple kale, apple, lemon, lime
1 qt. celery, red swiss chard, cucumber, onion sprouts, tomatoes, garlic, lime, jalapeƱo, sea salt


jolanthe said...

Oo-la-la ! Pin Up Penni ! What a great reward for you to look forward to! How fun!

loulou said...

hey penni.
i'm with you on the msm. never had such smooth skin or strong nails :)
i'd love to see the results of a retro pin-up photoshoot! and with that gorgeous red hair of yours... wow.
i don't know if this will work for you, but i set up a 'to-do list' on my iGoogle page to drink a glass (0.5l) of water every hour. each hour i drink a glass and cross it off the list. you can re-use the list the next day, just uncheck them all the next day and start again. that's helping me remember, every time i go back to my browser to check mail/twitter etc.
and as for working with kevin gianni... wow. you're VIP with the WLIR crew and now this. you're going to be a raw food world heroine before long! you go, girl!

Hanlie said...

Oh yes, that's an excellent idea! I also love pin-ups and have been looking at posters on-line this week.

I'm also loving the MSM. In the past, when I've eaten more raw and vegan my nails would start peeling. But with juice feasting they have become so healthy and strong. My hair is also incredibly lustrous and as for my skin...!

I love reading your blog!

HafTone Photography said...

Whenever you are ready for the pin up shoot, just let me know.

You are just too awesome and I support and love ya 100%!


Dea said...

Hi Penni,

I have enjoyed your beautiful pin up images on your myspace page, halloween pinups, christmas I think, quite the collection. I think u would be amazing in a retro shoot of beautiful glamour pics...have a wonderful time in NYC and hug everyone for me too, love ya! Dea.
ps doing good today, detox mild since the 24 days prior to my snack attack are cumulative I think so my system is pretty clean bye have fun xo D.

shannonmarie said...

Pin up girls are hot. I've always wanted to do one of those photo shoots, too. Are you going to post the pics?

LittleGirl l BIG VOICE said...


I just started taking MSM to help with old volleyball knees and I LOVE it! Hey just wondering about something. You've mentioned or added teas to your daily regemin--do you only heat the water to 115? And if you go the coffee shop do you ask them to do that as well? Just curious, as I've been just boiling it and letting it cool a little before adding the bag. But I'm trying to up the Raw factor and this is one area nobody mentions!

Michelle said...

You are awesome! There are so many facets to you. I love learning new ones.

I don't know how you manage to drink 4 quarts and several cups of tea. I hardly ever get tea in because I feel like I am always drinking water or juice. No time left for tea.

I look forward to any and all new projects you have coming up.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!