Thursday, March 13, 2008

NY Frame of Mind - Day Thirteen

I'm not sure what got me started, but today I've been obsessing with thoughts of being in New York. The picture to the left was taken about 18 months ago while I was visiting the Union Square Green Market. It seems like my creative energies have started flowing and I am full of passion & ideas. This kind of energy, adrenaline rush or whatever it is, is something I haven't felt in a long while. I have been knocking an idea around in my head for sometime about wanting to maintain my home here in Tulsa, but also keep an apartment in Manhattan. No, I'm not uber wealthy nor do I have a job/career that causes me to travel there on business.....yet. That's right, one of my top five goals that I wrote down on January 1st of this year was about this very plan. Suddenly, thoughts are starting to materialize and I am seeing this desire/dream/goal/vision start to seem like it really can materialize. We'll see how the days ahead progress.

Moving on....I have been feeling great overall, but I did awake this morning with a weird symptom. I have a wisdom tooth that is only partially in and it has never been a bother, ever. My dentist always inquires about it, but never a pain or sensation comes from the poor little nub of a tooth. Well, this morning, Little Nub was my first awareness of the day. A throbbing soreness that radiates down into my jaw bone...did I brush too hard? I AM brushing my teeth much more frequently these days, due to juice feaster's furry teeth syndrome. Whatever the cause, I am perplexed by this odd pain and fortunately I do have a routine dental appointment scheduled in just over a week. Again, we'll just have to see about Nub.

Thursday's Daily Juice:
Passionberry Tea
1 qt. parsley, dandelion greens, spinach, english cucumber, apples, pear, lemons
1.5 qt. cantaloupe, broccoli sprouts
1.5 qt. pineapple, spinach, cilantro, apple, lime
I also drank a ton of water today.
(Tragedy occurred....I ran out of organic celery. Guess I'll have to double up tomorrow)


Dea said...

Hi Penni,

Its amazing how some of our dreams start manifesing isn't it?

Re the nub, I am having strange pains in my body, mostly in joints and bones. I think its healing!

Ciao, Dea.

Hanlie said...

Hi Penni, I arrived here via Michelle's blog! What a happy blog you have! I love the yellow. Good luck with your juice feast!

Michelle said...

I have never been to NY. I am not usually one who wants to travel to a city on vacation but lately I have been thinking that it would be cool to check out the raw scene there.

I hope your tooth calms down a bit. I have had some bad teeth in my life and I know how painful it can be. xoxoxoxo

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...


Love the idea of Eckhart on the ipod, sadly my hard drive crashed on me a few months ago, meaning that the itunes library that my ipod is synced up to is GONE! Which means I can't put anything new on my ipod unless I want to loose everything that is on it!!

I love the idea of a space in a vibrant city too, both the city and the country have so much to offer.

Here is to two whole weeks!!

Hugs and love,


1 Raw Girl said...

Aw, Tell little nub to behave and send it some love. Hope your feeling tip top!

jessica said...

loving following your juice feast.

penni, you've been tagged by me. please post five facts about you that we don't already know and tag five others. see my blog.