Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rhythm Nation - Day Two

Juicing and dreams.....I've heard there is something that happens when one is juicing that creates a change in dream patterns. I experienced this phenomenon last night. Janet Jackson was the starring role throughout the majority of my slumber. She and I were good friends and I was helping her to come up with a title for her upcoming album. We hung out, danced together and I convinced her to run a 9K race with me. She agreed. All I remember was that I would run like the wind and then there would be intervals when it was like my feet were so heavily weighted that I could hardly lift them. Although I felt rested when I awoke, I was aware that I had been dreaming for what seemed like all night. I usually don't have much memory of my dreams, so I think this must be directly related to my juice feasting.

I've decided that the significance of Janet Jackson as a key figure was because I remember a report some years back that she gave herself coffee enemas everyday for health reasons. She said it was one of her best kept beauty secrets. I guess I've been a little freakish about the whole enema a day thing. Although I do get colonics from time to time, I'm not a fan of enemas, not that anyone I know is. I totally understand why we are encouraged to do them because there's no denying the benefits of keeping things moving efficiently through the system. So that said, allow me to move on. As far as the weights on my legs in the could be the spirit soars but the extra weight is holding me back. Maybe one of you dream interpreters can take a guess at what it means.

So far, today has been very much like yesterday. Good overall and my energy is fine. I am still having to stay near by the powder room, but things aren't all that bad. My headache from yesterday vanished as soon as it came, thankfully. It is nearing 6 pm and I've already had just over 3 quarts of juice, mainly green based. Tonight is my best friends birthday party at an Irish Pub here in town. I plan to take some tea bags and ask for hot water. I am also thinking that being the designated photographer will help me not feel weird about not eating. Most of those who will be in attendance haven't a clue about what I'm up to, and I'd just as soon keep it that way.

I hope all my other friends who are juicing their little hearts out are having positive experiences. They say the first three days are the worst on cravings. I haven't been having too hard of time, but we'll see if those digestive juices start flowing when I smell the Irish food tonight!


Dea said...

Dear Penni,
so cool you dreamt you were buddies w/Janet Jackson. I am a wuss when it comes to enemas and the like. I know its good for us but I just am too squeamish and easily grossed out even by myself! So I admire you tons for that whole aspect of this journey. My tummy is better but I have to lay low and be close to the facilities too. Have fun tonight. Funny my dreams are intense but I am not remembering them. No cravings at all...girl we are going to be so fabulous by the end of this...and not just outside either! Love ya xo Dea

Linda in the Raw said...

I just found your blog and I really like it! I am just south of you in Austin, TX and am on day 8 of my juice feast :)

Like you, I have had extremely vivid dreams, unlike any I can remember other than when I was a very little kid.

Keep up the good work!