Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spinach Respect - Day Four

I learned something I didn't know about spinach today. This is only a hunch, but I've decided that juicing two pounds of spinach, along with a selection of other items, may not be the smartest thing to do if you are planning on taking a road trip or anything else that may require you to be any distance from the porcelain throne. Those of us that are juice feasting are working towards a much cleaner system, well.....today, it feels like I got just that. So, other than a wee bit worn out from repeated trips to the smallest room in my house and a rather tender tush, I feel really great. Who needs Cascara Sagrada around here?

Today I made 2+ quarts of spinach, celery, radish, fennel, sunchoke, beet, cucumber, ginger, lime juice. I drank it like a champ and about 30 - 45 minutes later, that's when the action started.

I spent the next few hours questioning myself and trying to figure out what I did wrong, what should I do next, who should I call (yada yada). I then began the thoughts like.....what in the world am I doing? Why am I doing this whole feasting nonsense anyway?? Whoa, slow down, sister! I realized I was starting to get freaky, so I sat down and got centered, meditated, prayed and did some deep breathing. Within a few minutes I began to feel a wave of peace. I could almost feel my stomach muscles relaxing. Once calm and regrouped, I went in and brewed myself a nice cup of Rooibos tea. That seemed to set all things right once again.

Around 7 pm, our neighbor, Candace, and her son, Trey, came over to watch American Idol with us. I tried not to discuss too much about my bathroom drama, but I think I looked extra pale, so she got a nutshell version. I am still not sure what she thinks about me and my whole raw foodist turned into juice feaster persona, but she keeps coming over so I guess it hasn't seemed too bizarre to her. It's not boring over here at least. As everyone settled in with a big salad and macaroni and cheese, I juiced grapefruits and oranges, diluted it with water and added a heaping Tbsp. of Crystal Manna flakes. My tummy seemed to absorb that with extreme contentment and everything has been perfectly normal since.

Who knew juice feasting would be such a ride? For the record, I have NO intention of quiting this. I am fully committed and I'm loving the results that I can already see and feel. I am just really honest and I decided to share my moment because I think that others may have a similar moment at some point along the way too. So today's lesson....next time, light on the the spinach, please.


1 Raw Girl said...

Hey Girl, Sounds like your doing Fab riding the JF wave, despite the momentary freak...Thats totally normal, You handled yourself superbly my dear:)

I am still juicing and just snacking on fresh fruit, my tummy cannot tolerate anything else. JF certainly changed things for me in a short period of time...I am so excited for you!
Go Penni

Michelle said...

I know this might sound crazy but take it from me; you are lucky to have that reaction. I drink my 2 lbs a day and have had probably 3 BMs since beginning this feast 38 days ago. I have done the enemas and colonics to help clear things out but what I wouldn't do to be able to "go" on my own!

Sounds like you are doing so good. I love how you told of your mind beginning to take control and how you were able to quiet it. This is exactly the kind of thing that has ruled my life in the past and I am sure most of the people reading. Just knowing how easy it is to silence is fantastic info.

Keep on juicing!

Dea said...

So glad that you got over your momentary freak out, I had one yesterday and ended up eating a few spoons of steamed grains...yikes! So glad you got through your moment of self doubt.. as for the spinach yeah...laxative central! I am juicing mostly escarole,chard and chicory for leafy greens. We will do this together and it is and its going to be simply amazing! xo love to you Dea

jolanthe said...

respect to all juice feasters! you are all so inspiring!

Ben Kaelan said...

We must be on a similar wavelenght! I juiced 1lb of spinach this morning in my green juice. Luckily my body has already done a lot of purging so far so I wasn't running to the throne every few minutes! :)

Who's your favorite on American Idol so far? I totally like Danny and David! :)

- Ben

Penni in Tulsa said...

Danny and David are both awesome! And I am glad to know that over time the spinach issue cools down. I am doing great today with everything. Thanks for stopping by...I'm headed your way in a bit, Ben!

Ben Kaelan said...

Hey! Acupeds has a website (just google acupeds, first thing that comes up) and you can order it directly from them. I buy mine from local health food stores around here.

My personal opinion on the zapper is I would wait until day 60 to start using it (though I couldn't wait so I'm starting now on day 52).

The reason for that is the first two months of juice feasting include a lot of ups and downs and your body is already dumping a LOT of stuff... you don't want to shock it too much by increasing that detox process; then you might run into a healing crisis. One step at a time; juice feasting is really healing so take your time. It will do wonders for you; the proof is in my skin; my psoriasis is almost completely healed! :)

- Ben