Saturday, March 22, 2008

Parasite Saturday - Day Twenty Two

After water fasting all day yesterday, I woke up and felt really strong and clear this morning. I had my usual water with lemon and as the morning progressed, I realized I was still feeling like not having any juice again today. Honestly, it concerned me because I know the guidelines of juice feasting are important to follow for a reason. After doing some light work around the house, I decided I should probably try to do an enema since there had been no real activity in that department for over 48 hours. (Now is probably a good time to quit reading if discussion of bathroom issues is offensive to you.) I thought that doing a coffee enema would be the ticket, so I did one bag with organic brewed coffee and a second with warm clear water. During the "rinse cycle" I felt a weird sensation. When I looked into the toilet bowl, there it was.....a long strand that reminded me of the frog eggs that used to be found in my husbands coy pond. As sick as it sounds, I fished it out so I could figure out what in the heck it was. I realized after a discussion with my colon hydro-therapist, this silly string of sorts was in fact a habitat in which parasites dwelt. Tamara, the bowel expert, explained that these parasites live within these strands and adhere to the lining of our intestinal walls. They are in competition for our body's nutrition, with their primary goal that of staying alive, they basically suck our valuable nutritional resources as it passes through our small and large intestines for absorption. Most likely my water fasting caused them to start to release as their food source was suddenly drying up. In this atmosphere, a coffee enema can stimulate enough peristaltic action to expel them. She says there are probably more where this initial batch came from. Although the attached photograph of Dr. Oz and Oprah holding strands of parasites is an exaggerated version of my own personal harvest, you get the idea.

I can't help but wonder if my body knew something I didn't. The really amazing thing was that once I got that slime out, I felt a subtle mood of euphoria, really light and almost giddy. This feeling of marvelous clarity and energy lasted throughout most of the day. I still didn't want juice and drank lots of lemon water. Finally at around 7:30 pm, I made a gallon and a half of cantaloupe/romaine juice and that tasted really refreshing and delicious. I could have just as easily not drank anything, but I felt that I should try and I'm glad I did. Tomorrow is Easter and I want to be feeling good and full of vitality since we have a day full of activities and family fun planned. Earlier in the day I had to chuckle when I thought to myself.....lots of people are hunting eggs this weekend and I feel like I just laid some. I am planning to have a breakfast of carrot juice in honor of the old Easter bunny tomorrow morning. Happy Easter Eve to all!

Saturday's Daily Juice:
probably a gallon of water
1.5 qt. cantaloupe/romaine juice


JuJu's Place said...

Happy Easter to you! Wishing you the best on your journey-- what an inspiration to start one of my own! I NEED to :) -feeling like a stuffed bunny in need of laying my own eggs - you'd think I'd learn by now about the overindulgence of foods that don't belong in my body in the first place :) Happy juicing!!

Ben Kaelan said...

Oh my god! I can't say I've seen anything like that come out of me yet. I'm taking those parasite pills though so I'm 'checking' for things hahaha. This reminds me, I should really go for a colonic soon.

I hope you get your appetite back. Have you tried maybe making YUMMY juices that will make you happy? I do that whenever I fall into a rut... I go grab some grapes and pomegranates and strawberries and make myself a really expensive (but tasty) juice. I'm happy for the rest of the day after that! :)

- Ben

Dea said...

Buona Pasqua,
Happy Easter in Italian above. In my dear old church in Georgetown Washington we all used to say or greet each other with "He is risen" :)
Anyway that is too funny that u felt as though u laid eggs lol :) I think its marvellous that your body is gettiing rid of stuff. Have a lovely day today, un beso Dea xo

Wendi Dee said...

You can now go into the National Enquirer as a woman who lays eggs. :-) Congrats, again, and happy Easter to you!


Michelle said...

Wow, I give you credit. I might have freaked out a little. You are so brave, just fished that thing out. You ROCK!

Better out than in right!!!

Have a wonderful Easter!!!


Linda in the Raw said...


You've got me thinking...I have seen tons of little 'strands' of stuff. I just thought it was mucous with thiny particles of old food matter...maybe it's parasites? I would LOVE that! How weired is that for me to say?!

I've also seen little red balls. They are bright red, clear, and they feel like little balls of jello. They are not even the size of a pea. One of our practitioners told me this was some kind of sac that a particular parasite lays in the colon. Have you seen anything like this?

The never-ending entertainment of the enema! I love it!

On that note, Happy Easter! I also wanted to express my GRATITUDE for your continual support and encouragement during the Juice Feast! I am so BLESSED to have such a loving, warm, and aaccepting community of friends and JFsters!!


1 Raw Girl said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful achievemnt for you and your body's well being! :)

Hanlie said...

I've also been staring into the toilet bowl like a gypsey stares into a teacup! Fascinating post, Penni. I think you're doing great!

Leira Violet said...

Is there any kind of way to get rid of the parasites without doing an enema?
Do you think it's healthy to water fast for one day even if you never fully detox or fasted before?

Leira Violet said...

yea, it is gross. i just want it out now that I know about it.

MARYYX said...

Whoa, Penni - what an experience. I've seen nothing strange yet. I do believe my liver is detoxing as everything exiting is very green. I know of course that I am also drinking lots of greens - but I have read that green movements can indicate the liver is getting rid of old bile.

Good for you for posting the details. I always wonder if I'm going to say too much.

Vegannosaurus Rex said...

Ok...for some strange reason I was thinking about this blog post while I was on a 17 mile mountain biking excursion this weekend.

And then this came to mind:

(fastforward to the 1:20 mark)

Needless to say, in a very indirect way you added some levity to my day.

Anonymous said...

It is my first post here, so I would like to say hallo to all of you! It is definitely amusement to go your community!