Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday - Day Twenty One

Today was a curious day for me. I had shared that I had a very low energy day yesterday, and it was interesting because I awoke at some point in the night with this feeling that my body was engaging in some really serious matters of housekeeping. I didn't feel bad, just an awareness that things were happening, shifting and cleansing. When I awoke, I was happy and my energy level was back to normal. I still had the feeling something had shifted inside during the night. As the morning progressed, I kept looking at the clock and thinking....I should really be having my first juice now....but my first juice never came.

My body simply went on juice strike today. No matter what, every time I thought of juicing, the body said, "Nope, no juice. Not right now." That internal dialog went on all day and here I sit at 9:30 pm and nothing but lemon water has gone into the tank. Do I feel hunger? Not a bit. Do I feel weak or tired? I feel completely normal and chilled out. I know that the "rules" say to drink the 4 quarts of juice everyday, and overall I have been following the rules very well, until today.

I have tried to ask myself, what's the deal? Believe me, I am not the water fasting type. I mean in the past, when I've been sick with a flu or something, I can still eat like a man. I don't lose my appetite unless something major is going on, and nothing appears to be major today. One thought I have is that today is Good Friday, the day Christ was crucified. I wonder if on a spiritual level I am very somber about the work He did on this day over 2,000 years ago. It could be. My conscious mind doesn't have an answer, but I'm trusting my gut right now and it says, put nothing in today, please. So instead of drinking juice, I have just tried to commit myself to a prayerful, contemplative day of going deeper.

So.....that said, I have no daily juice for you today on this Good Friday, just blessings and love to all!


Charissa said...

Congratulations! Oh, Penni! You're doing so beautifully! They say after 21 days it's more of a habit. You're amazing.


Lovely post!

Michelle said...

Listening to your body is always the best way. You are checking in with yourself so I am sure it is exactly what you need. Tomorrow can be a juicy day.

3 weeks! Amazing! I am so happy for you. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Heidi and JS said...


I had a water fasting day somewhere along my juice feasting journey as well.

and my body was very adamant about it.

I also had a few watermelon days, drinking only watermelon juice.

Oh I'm so proud of you!
You've done amazingly well!
Keep it up chica!

Hugs and Happy Easter,
~ Heidi

Hanlie said...

Great post! I prefer to not call them "rules", but rather "guidelines". I let my body rule, and if it doesn't want 4 liters of juice, I listen to it. This feast is my way of getting in tune with my body.

Good for you for listening...

MARYYX said...

Yes, Penni, I believe you have made the best choice. Sounds to me like it would have been a spiritual betrayal to have not listened to that inner voice. To have walked the path you did, to have listened to that inner voice, will lead you to a beautiful place.
He is risen!