Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Herbally Yours - Day Eighteen

Yesterday afternoon I found some beautiful little herb starters during my daily trip to Whole Foods. To my delight, they also had bags of organic soil, compost and all natural cottonseed meal fertilizer. So today I mixed my soil and used last years pots to create my very own herb garden. Not only am I wanting herbs, but I am currently looking at my other options for growing vegetables and greens. I receive several seed catalogs and I really enjoy looking over all the varieties available. Since my current space is going to be limited to only having a container garden, I will have to chose my favorites and plant accordingly. I will no doubt try my green thumb with tomatoes and peppers and I plan to do a long container which will be perfect for my little bed of fresh salad greens. And did I mention that juice feasters create the best compost?

Later in the afternoon I decided to contact the very cool Mike and Emily of one of my favorite local, sustainable and organic farms, Three Springs Farms. Ever since I read Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko, I have wanted to get my hands on some Lamsquarters, Purslane, Stinging Nettle and other super nutritious greens and herbs. Many people haven't ever heard of these or if they have they consider them to be worthless weeds. Hopefully I will be able to have the respected folks at Three Springs Farms get me the hook up so I can have an abundance of these underrated garden gems this spring and summer.

So.....what's in my herb garden so far? Basil, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, Italian flat leaf parsley, sage, spearmint, peppermint, chives and oregano.

Tuesday's Daily Juice:
vanilla creme tea
2 qt. watermelon, orange, crystal manna flakes
1 qt. rainbow chard, celery, carrots, yellow bell peper, garlic, jalepeno, clover sprouts, watercress, lime
1 qt. spinach, cucumber, onion, basil, garlic, jalepeno, tomatoes, red bell pepper, Celtic sea salt

I almost forgot to mention....my husband got his juice on right along side me today for the first time since I've been on this extravaganza! He is committing to doing one day a week (Tuesdays) for the remainder of my time on the feast). When I just asked him what he thought about today, he said it was no big deal....well, good for him!


Jenna said...

Penni, I'm happy to find your blog too. Your mention of purslene evokes such specific memories of the first time I picked some, at Eden Hot Springs, had some to eat, make a crown for the Halloween party...well, thank you!! Yum, I look forward to some more.
Tag, you're it :o)
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Joining on the journey with loads of love,
Jenna xx

Hanlie said...

It's awesome when our husbands not only understands what we're doing, but supports us so soundly. We are very fortunate!

loulou said...

Hi Penni

Your herb garden sounds delicious! we have to grow in pots, too, so we grow microgreens - spinach, rocket and so on - plus baby tomatoes on our windowsill. Nothing like growing your own. Can't wait to get an allotment and grow carrots, onions, kale... Let me know how the purslane/lambsquarters works out. I've always been intrigued by them too but don't trust myself to pick wild leaves!
love xxx

alissa said...

i was at the whole foods in tulsa yesterday too. i saw those herbs!


Michelle said...

That is so great that your husband is taking part with you. And wouldn't you know that it is "no big deal." How funny.

I love that you are going to be growing your own herbs and veggies. We have a garden each year but it is pretty much my husbands. He grows a ton of tomatoes of different types and cucumbers. Last year I tried to grow some herbs but they were just too far from the house so I didn't really take care of them. I think I might go and plant some pots too, when it finally warms up here.


Raw Bliss said...

Congrats on the hubby joining in! I think he will benefit amazingly from it.

Your herb garden looks and sounds extravagant. :) I've tried little herb gardens, but I know that they need much more room, and they always die on me. I need to get my tomatoes in the ground though soon! It's getting hot here.

& yes! I noticed when I juice I get a lot of great composting material. yummy fertilizer for the plants. :)