Monday, March 10, 2008

Keeping It Juicy - Day Ten

I was so excited to find a nice big watermelon during my recent trip to Sam's Wholesale. I have never been a big Sam's shopper, but since I've started this feast, I've found that I can get some of my bulk produce there for a considerable savings. I would rather support local growers, which I look forward to doing as the season progresses. And my next choice is Whole Foods, which as getting a nice chunk of change from me every few days. But as I have mentioned in an earlier post, Sam's is good for bulk spinach and some greens, as well as thick skinned fruits.

The watermelon from Sam's did not disappoint. I did as Katrina Rainoshek suggested, and juiced the melon along with citrus (tangerine and lime) for a watermelon-aide that was deliciously satisfying. The color of the juice was simply glorious. I was able to extract 2 quarts from only half of the melon. The kids feasted on the remains and were quite happy to have melon so early in the season. It made for happy times in the kitchen this afternoon.

Day 10 has been pretty uneventful, but I am still receiving calls from yesterday's article in the Tulsa World. I have felt a support and interest from others that I didn't anticipate. The nice side benefit of the article is that it has eliminated the need for me to explain to others why I am unable to go do lunch or why we are turning down dinner party invitations for the spring. A couple of friends want to meet up at the juice bar to just get caught up and hang out, which is so thoughtful. Who would have thought this former "let's meet for happy hour girl" would be where I am today? does a body good!

Monday's Daily Juice:
olive leaf tea
1 qt. spinach, parsley, lime, carrot
2 qt. watermelon, tangerine, lime
a 2 oz. shot of wheat grass
1 qt. celery, romaine, scallion, radish, red bell pepper, cherry tomato, asparagus, carrot, cilantro, garlic, jalepeno, lime, Himalayan sea salt. (This was really good and tasted a lot like Pico De Gallo!)

PS....I lost another pound! I haven't been doing much exercise and I am starting to feel ready to get this body moving. The weather is going to be spring like so I plan to hit the river trail tomorrow.


Dea said...

Hi Penni,

so glad that your experience is so positive. And it was very courageous of you to "come out" to all of Tulsa in the wonderful article in the paper. You are one juicy mama! I am starting to feel good too, the detox has slowed, the glow has started, the fog has lifting and life is good!
I am trolling Marsala for deals too, and so far have found 2 new sources of organic veggies (non certified) directly from the farm. Keep it juicy!
love Dea xo

shannonmarie said...

I was just thinking about getting some watermelon. I've been craving it.

By the way, I'm anxious to read your tagged post. I saw your comment on Charissa's blog :-)

jbjorl said...

Thank you for your very inspiring journals. I just finished reading all 10 and am ready to go the distance. What is the best source for recipes. Thank you for sharing.


Penni said...

I am so delighted that you are thinking of committing to a juice feast! I am happy to share my resources with you. Please email me at and I'll give you the skinny!!

All the Best!

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello Penni!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the watermelemonaide!

Yes, the dream scape has been crazy for me! Crazy and wonderful.

Hope that Day 11 is going well for you!