Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grateful for Grapefruit - Day Five

This hump day was unusually pleasant and relaxed. After my usual morning water and tea, I did my dry skin brushing and took a shower. I also took the time to do an exfoliation treatment for my face, neck and hands. That felt great and all day I have been marveling at the look and feel of my complexion. Usually, by this time in the winter, things are starting to get a bit alligator-ish. I can tell the juicing and daily hemp and/or coconut oil is beginning to make a subtle difference in just 5 days.

Once the kids were off to school, I finally found the time to settle in with the video podcast from Oprah's Monday night study with Eckhart Tolle. It truly was a momentous occasion. There is just something about Eckhart and Oprah together that really works. It's almost like she is an interpreter of sorts for him. Oprah can take some of his ethereal and difficult to understand concepts and bring them into an understanding for the common man. I found her insights and expansions really helpful in breaking it down. I also thought the Skype for viewers brought a really cool element to the workshop. It really was just what I hoped it would be and I won't miss a week.

Here's what I had today:
1 qt. water w/ MSM & lemon
1 cup nettle leaf tea
1 qt. swiss chard, carrot, cucumber, radish, burdock root, beet, sunchoke, lemon
1 qt. celery, oranges, fennel, basil over ice w/ hemp oil
1 qt. GRAPEFRUITS & oranges w/ Crystal Manna (1 Tbsp.)
1 qt. celery, mint, cucumber, broccoli sprouts, apple, lime

I'm not sure what's up with the grapefruit craving but it seems like nothing satisfies me more completely than grapefruit juice in the early evening. My body is just crying out for it and it has since day 1 of this feast. Perhaps I will research the properties of grapefruit a bit more and see what it is that I might be trying to fulfill with my daily squeeze of this luscious citrus superstar. The thing I wanted to point out is that I am not taking much in the way of supplements. I am going for the tried and true blue green algae buzz with Crystal Manna, but I do intend to order VitaMineral Green as my flakes begin to dwindle. I also have bee pollen in my frig but have forgotten about that important player for the past two days. I'll try to remember to crack that out tomorrow.

I find that I am having a struggle pouring 4 quarts of juice into this body everyday. By the time I've had 3 quarts, it seems like my body is so well nourished and I feel really full. I am honestly not hungry at all. I even flipped through a Bon Appetite today and those perfectly stylized photographs didn't phase my taste buds a bit. I am so happy and relieved that I am not constantly jonesin' for solid food all the I usually am when I am not juice feasting. I am pretty sure this 30 extra pounds I've been carrying is due to the snack and taste factor. It has been so good to have just made up my mind that I am simply not doing that right now. Food is just not an issue and I love it. No distractions and no nagging cravings to satisfy. Viva La Juice!

Again, I want to thank those of you who take the time to read my juicy journal and leave your encouraging comments. It really helps me to stay inspired and gives additional motivation towards my goal. You, dear reader, are appreciated!


Keely said...

Hey Sweetie!

I am lovin' reading about your juicy adventure, daily!!! I could so go for a beet juice concoction right now!!! [grin]

Keely Bush

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

I'm loving the grapefruit too! I got a big bag at Kroger today. They are slated for juicing in the morning. Some of them anyhow. Glad you are doing so good. Keep it juicy!

Dea said...

Hi Penni,
so glad to hear that day 5 was easier for you. Same here :) tummy drama finally relented and I felt at peace and not hungry. I am drinking a green lemonade during the day: Celery,cucumber,apples,
lemons and some kind of greens. As a treat my lunch time juice has blood oranges or tangerine in it and is delicious..I too have a tough time getting 4quarts of juice in me but its a goal. A New Earth still hasn't arrived but I will download the podcasts and save them for myself.
From Sunday on there will be 1 hr less time difference between us instead of 2 as the US is going to have daylight savings time and Europe doesn't until March 30th.
More sunshine yay! Ok dear have a great day and stay strong xo Dea

Michelle said...

It sounds like you are doing beautifully on your juice feast Penni! It is a pleasure to read your posts everyday. Thank you.

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

We've been loving the grapefruit too!

Love visiting you and reading your words,

See you tomorrow!