Monday, January 19, 2009

I've Got Sunshine

Sunshine at home in her office
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I'll be featuring people who I think you should know from time to time here on the blog. Today's featured guest is Sunshine Boatright, and yes, her real name IS Sunshine! I had the pleasure of meeting Sunshine this past year during a trip to Atlanta, her home base, and I've been singing her praises ever since.

Sunshine before going raw

Sunshine Boatright began her journey with raw foods in December of 2006. Her decision to begin a raw diet was based on the desire to lose weight and hopefully to heal the afflictions that plagued her such as chest pains, inability to breathe while sleeping, shortness of breath, IBS, migraines, constant knee pain, chronic fatigue, water retention, and morbid obesity. As with many people who have a long list of plaguing ailments, Sunshine was basically at the end of her rope. Although she was hopeful that changing her diet to one of fresh, organic and raw foods would have a positive impact on her health, she didn't expect what was to come. Making this shift ended up completely turning everything she thought she knew upside down. Her decision and success with this way of life has effectively and dramatically changed her life, the life of her family, and also the lives of many with whom she comes into contact on a daily basis.

Sunshine after a year on raw

Within a relatively short period of time, Sunshine watched as her afflictions disappeared and as the weight melted off. Because of the jaw dropping results she was enjoying, Sunshine turned the affects of a raw food lifestyle toward her family. Rather than just following a basic gluten-free/dairy-free diet that they had tried in the past for her son with autism, she took her children to a new level with raw foods and discovered an amazing thing: Raw + autism doesn't only change a child and their chances for reaching their highest potential, but it can ultimately change the way the world and the medical community will begin to look to diet in the treatment of autism.

Sunshine is well trained in the preparation of raw cuisine and has received multiple certifications as both a raw food chef and instructor. She is the founder of, a company dedicated to helping families affected by autism and ADHD help their children reach their highest potentials. She is authoring several books and e-books that will be available in the first half of 2009 such as Autism & Spirituality, Transitioning Children with Autism & ADHD to a Raw Lifestyle and more. Sunshine also teaches raw certification classes throughout the year, and will be holding the first ever retreat in 2009. To get an update on her projects, you can send an email to

Check out her blog

If learning more about Sunshine and all she is involved with has been of interest to you, please mark your calendars for Monday, March 23, 5 p.m Pacific Time. You can ask Sunshine your questions on Let's Talk Raw. Call in and web-simulcast information will be sent out to all Let's Talk Raw members. Sign up here today to listen to all new interviews for a one-time, low-cost membership fee: $19.97

Listen to Revvell and Sunshine in the early days of Rawkin' Radio.

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