Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out of the Juice Wing

Today is simply an update for any who may be wondering how I'm doing on the liquid diet that I embarked on the day after Christmas. I was doing really well, feeling great and very energized....then I somehow managed to get a stomach virus last week (as I mentioned in the previous post). After 3 days of fever, and everything going through me like water, I opted to switch it up a bit and add back in some more solids. For the past several days I have been having blended soups and salads along with smoothies and lots of green juices. I guess the timing for a full on 40 day juice feast wasn't shaping up this time around. Even though I don't have any known major health challenges at this point, I would still be so happy to lose the weight that I gained in the last quarter of 2008. I felt that a raw, liquid diet would be the healthiest and quickest of ways, yet for now, I'm just not feeling the inspiration to continue to do so.

So I have busted out of the juice wing at the raw rehab clinic and am now just enjoying the freedoms of a bit of assisted living. I have my favorite jalapeno corn chips fresh out of the dehydrator and am planning to make some lemon macaroons for the family in a bit. Fortunately for me, a couple of weeks on liquids does rekindle a fresh creativity for spending time on recipes in the kitchen. I'm eager to see what I might be able to come up with this week while we have a forecast for very cold temperatures and possibly even a bit of snow. Perhaps it's a good time to revisit raw chili night, continuing to tweak and fine tune the existing recipe. Or maybe a warmed raw lasagna would be another hit....I've been wanting to try Matt Amsden's recipe out of Rawvolution for some time.

Do any of you have a favorite recipe that you like to prepare when the weather outside get's really cold? I'm certain that I'm not the only one who'd love some thought starters, so will you consider posting in the comments what you love to eat on a cold winter's night? Pretty please ;- )

Also....a very big thank you to Dhrumil for taking time out of his very busy schedule to help solve my Disqus confusion. Thanks for your expertise,'re the best!!
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