Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Raw Bombshell

Within the next few weeks I'll be doing a series of articles on some of the people who have captivated my attention within the natural health, raw & living foods community....all of whom I'd love for you to be exposed to as well.

Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Claire Maguire, aka The Raw Bombshell, whose background is as varied and as colorful as her personality!!

Claire spent many years working in academia studying Biochemistry and Botany; her first degree from Glasgow University and her PhD from Imperial College in London where her research was in the field of the extracellular matrix (the area outside the cell) and the triggers of disease. Claire then went onto do further and more in depth cell research at Durham University and York University in Toronto. Her background has served her well, for it cultivated her inquisitive mind, sense of discipline and the ability to research data and information, of which there is much of in the genre of healthy eating, raw food and self-development.

Claire developed a passion for food and nutrition in her early 20's, which created the desire within her to inspire people towards eating great food. Through these inspirations, she created her first business, A Taste of the World Caterers, which delivered vegetarian food to an unsuspecting public in the North East of England, an amazing learning experience.

Beyond that, Claire continued to follow her passions, bringing about a totally different shift in career, right into the midst of the world of rock n' roll. Claire owned and ran Dislocate Records, an underground music label and online record shop. This one single tidbit of Claire's past catapults her into super star status in my book. For her, this business was not only tons of fun and filled with loads of hard work but it also gave her a fascinating insight into deeply creative minds.

After years of learning and battling her own demons, Claire is settled and living her dream. She has a business and lifestyle that she's passionate about – teaching raw food knowledge and helping others achieve their own RAW BODY CONFIDENCE, more energy and a great outlook to life. I value Claire's passionate belief in giving back to society in whatever means she can. She is trained as a Samaritan, so her listening skills have been finely tuned and with her past history, she's now fairly unshakable.

Claire's background is varied and it has given her a rich base of knowledge and wisdom of life, a vital requirement in helping others to uncover their true potential. Claire is also a mother of 2 amazing children, an avid student of Kundalini yoga, a lover of all things retro, passionate for dance, self-expression & live music (yes, she still loves jumping around to noisy 3 chord bands), a shoe aficionado, and passionate about meeting with and talking to people.

If you're new to the raw food diet, you might be unaware of the potential eating this way can bring into your life. Claire is just getting ready to kick off a new 40 day program (starting on January 11th) that is all about equiping and helping you release your own inner bombshell! I particularly like her 12 - step approach to issues like:

  • which foods prime your body for action
  • help with planning and management of your time
  • how to create delicious, taste bud tantalizing raw foods
  • an exercise program that will fast-track you to health
  • tips for staying youthful and sparkly
  • ways to help you keep your focus
  • journaling for inspiration and clarity
  • using food to affect your mood for more happiness
  • and how to perfect your practice until you're transformed into the bombshell you were created to be!

For more detailed information on Dr. Claire Maguire you can visit her uber cool website, The Raw Bombshell, or to enroll in her upcoming 40 day program visit her here.

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