Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Living Cuisine 101

If you are in the Tulsa area, I'd like to invite you to join me for an informative and fun lecture on Living Cuisine this Thursday evening, February 5th. Whether you are completely new to the concept of raw and living foods or if you're a seasoned pro, it would be my pleasure to have you in attendance as we discuss the fundamentals of this vibrant, healthy way to approach eating.

At this lecture, we'll cover creative ideas of how & what to eat when you are busy, traveling, or just at a loss for how to get started with raw & living foods. There will be handouts on raw food resources, a list of raw food staples and some of my favorite, super easy & delicious recipes. Did I mention I would have a sampling you you to taste too? Come and enjoy...."Roasted" Red Pepper Hummus, Portobello Steaks and "Sauteed" Spinach!

Whole Foods Market - Juice Bar
41st & Peoria - Tulsa, OK
Thursday - February 5th - 7 - 8 pm

I'll be looking for you!!
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