Thursday, February 26, 2009

Juicing Couture

Friends, it's that time of year again. Time to face up to the reality of what my arms will look like in a sleeveless shirt, my thighs will look in a pair of shorts and my belly in a snug tank top. With a current temperature of 80 degrees in Tulsa today, it's a sudden reality check that summer (along with it's skimpier clothes) is right around the corner. As I stand looking into the full length mirror, I have to be honest, I'm in need of some serious "juicing couture."

Last year on March 1st, I began a 92 days juice feast. During that time I learned so much and gained valuable insight about health, cleansing, my personal relationship with food and I also learned that for me, it's not necessary to drink juice for a full three months to find rejuvenation, rehabilitation, clear skin & eyes and to lose weight and gain an amazing spring in my step. As I look back through my journey, I see that the most significant changes occurred within those first 21 - 40 days. I experienced my personal best during those days and I also lost the most amount of weight. From about day 50 on, I actually only lost a few more pounds, with an overall weight drop of 28 pounds. I'm certain that unseen healing and rebuilding happened during those last 40 days so I have no regrets for completing the entire process. It was a life changing experience in many ways. To learn more about the concept & benefits of juice feasting visit David & Katrina Rainoshek's website.

This year I'll be doing a juicing journey again, but this spring I'm setting my intention on a shorter time period. I'm not actually even going to put an absolute date on when I'll end but I would love to make it through 21 days, but preferably through the end of March. There are a few people in our Real Food Tulsa group who are going to be juicing, as well as a number of my friends on Twitter and Facebook. There is just something about group momentum that I find motivating and inspirational. I'd love to have you consider jumping on board the juice train along side me. It'll be leaving the station this Sunday, March 1st. Even if you are just interested in juicing throughout the day and then having a raw food dinner for a certain part of the month, or maybe you don't have a juicer and you'd like to do a green smoothie cleanse, I'd love to hear from you! It's not a moment too soon to start thinking about how you want to look and feel this summer. I'll be blogging/vlogging daily starting this Sunday to share what I'm drinking (yes, there will be some recipes coming), how I'm exercising and how things are going daily. I'll also be facilitating weekly support group meetings for those of you who are in Tulsa (Sunday afternoons - 3 pm - juice bar in Whole Foods). I hope you'll stick around for the ride. Leave a comment below and tell me about your spring cleaning plans.
Photography by HafTone
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