Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rocking the Fu......Again.

In today's video, I'm shamelessly doing another plug for Raw Fu Magazine. As the proud Food Editor, I honestly couldn't be any more excited about this magazine. Since I've been privy to a bit of the insider scoop, (as in, I've seen the layout), and it's gorgeous...nothing else like it in the marketplace. If you have had any exposure to Bunny Berry, you have a sense of her creative genius. I think that even if you don't give a flip about raw food, you'll love this magazine and be able to learn and grow from its thoughtful, inspirational, educational and captivating contents.

To subscribe, go here. Send an email and tell all your health conscious friends that there's a new mag in town....RawFu, Baby!! Subscribe today....all the cool kids are doing it!
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