Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Talk Raw

On Monday, April 6th at 7 pm CST, I'm being interviewed on the popular internet site, Let's Talk Raw. I would be so honored if many of you would be part of this call/web simulcast. The current Charter Membership membership fee is $24.97. That's for a one-time, life-time membership. I know....ANOTHER thing to buy. Revvell, life coach, author, international speaker and radio show host of the very popular Rawkin Radio, does NOT make money on this site. She uses the subscription fees to pay for the considerable time to keep the site operable, contact and confirm with guests, send out notices, market and more. Revvell does this project because it is her passion to help educate the world. I think $25 is a small price to pay for a lifetime of life saving health education. If you're interested I suggest you purchase now, as the price DOES go up periodically.

What you'll receive:

* Unlimited access to live interviews with the world's top Raw/Living Food Advocates where participants' questions are answered
* Introduction to up-and-coming and not-so-well known health/living food advocates
* Ability to download the interviews for approximately 2 weeks after and interview is complete (see policies)
* Life-time Charter Membership for the one, low price of $24.97.
* Listen/download up to 5 calls per month
* Unique information depending on questions asked
* Any bonuses the presenters may offer
* Choice of teleconference by phone (long distance charges may apply) or web simulcast (listen via computer, no extra charges)

Go to Let's Talk Raw to sign up and receive your lifetime membership at this low, low cost. They have amazing guest interviews currently ready to download and more phenomenal guests lined up weekly. I hope you'll be with me on April 6th and start thinking of questions that you'd like answered.

How are things going in your neck o' the woods this week?
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