Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shifting Gears...Ever So Slightly

Today is the 6th anniversary of when I met my husband, Gordon. He is such a precious love, friend, father, step-father, brother, brother-in-law, son-in-law, grandfather and mate. The angels certainly must have been rejoicing the evening we finally met. He was freshly un-engaged (the day before!) and I had just said these words to the mother of a friend at the bar, "Men are dead to me." We were both in the most unlikely place emotionally to meet and fall in love, but nonetheless it happened, and we both know it was a divine intervention that we'll never take lightly. Introduced by an especially colorful gay bartender, in a favored restaurant, the night proved to be unexpected magic. We've both come from pasts filled with life lessons, many of which we're still working through today. Gordon & I always say that God has a humorous and creative way of taking our garbage and recycling it into something beautiful. God has truly been our Master Recycler. Our blended family is complex, yet full of depth, synergy, love and new miracles all the time.

After 11 days on juice, I just ate an apple. I know that's not such a big deal, but for a few days my body has been nagging at me for something more than just juice. It's interesting to me that after doing last year's "big juicing event," I find myself once again struggling to get past 11 days on juice. I started a juice feast right after Christmas and I was able to juice for 10 days very successfully and then boom....I just had to eat something. Today when I pulled out my midday produce....I just couldn't bring myself to juice it, so I turned and happily grabbed an apple (at least I didn't offer it to anyone else, and no, my name's not Eve, *wink*).

As I said at the beginning of the month, I really wanted to do 30 days on just juice because I remember how totally amazing I felt and recalled all of the benefits I experienced within my body last year. The truth is, whether you juice for one day or 92, it's to the ultimate benefit of your overall body constitution. So after my colon hydrotherapy session yesterday, and the release there, I feel amazing and accomplished enough to move on to the next phase of eating/drinking. If you've been fasting/feasting, it's important to enter into solid foods sensibly and slowly to maintain the work that has been done. My personal plan is to continue juicing and drinking smoothies throughout the day and then have salads and blended soups for my dinner meal for the remainder of the month as I still have a weight goal that I'd like to attain.

Today actually does feel like a perfect day to break my juice cleanse and to celebrate life and all of it's marvelous surprises! I'll still be staying plenty juicy, sharing recipes and inspirations for you as this month progresses and of course, I'll still be facilitating Tulsa's weekly juice/smoothie meetings on Sunday afternoons at Whole Foods.

I REALLY would love to hear from you......tell me how you're doing?
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