Saturday, March 14, 2009

from the Food Editor of Raw Fu Magazine

I wanted to share with all my readers about a really awesome opportunity if you are looking for ways to advertise your business: Advertise in Raw Fu Magazine!

In April, Raw Fu magazine will make it's grand debut. Bunny Berry & I are so excited about the magazine's long term potential and I'm also delighted to be working as the magazine's Food Editor. I hope you are already subscribed, I wouldn't want you to miss a copy.

Some details.....first The Numbers: is a thriving Raw and Living Foods community with over 2000 active members since July 8, 2009. When advertising in RawFu Magazine, you are not only tapping into the offline subscriber, you are also being seen online daily. With over 2,000 members, 200,000 pageviews/month, and a fast growing list of Magazine subscribers you are hitting your target audience when they are at work or at home. The average users spends 12 minutes on the site each time they visit, and views 10 pages during each session. The average around the web is around 2 minutes per session! WOW!

The Demographics: The community is primarily female, interested in raw foods, health, exercise, counseling, natural weight loss, gardening, natural beauty products, kitchen equipment, meditation, yoga, pilates, raw food products, books about health and wellness, whole person healing, and personal coaching programs to help them stay raw, young, and healthy!

If this is your TARGET audience, you need to be advertising in RawFu Magazine!

Big business, small business, micro-business or no business (yet!) – Raw Fu Magazine is the perfect place to connect with a dynamic and fresh market of health and wellness minded, adventurous, creative, spiritual, fit and fun consumers. Our readers value the benefits of a life well lived, a diet overflowing with fresh, organic foods, and holistic and preventative healthcare.

Affordable rates and a variety of ad sizes allow advertisers to select the level of exposure you desire for your national and international companies. Raw Fu Magazine also provides reasonable rates for small business owners, Etsy entrepreneurs, and personal bloggers to and reach new subscribers and clients worldwide.

All advertisers will receive equal space in both our print magazine (shipped to US residents only) and our online magazine, with direct links to your website!

Double Page- $500
Single Page- $250
1/2 Page- $200
1/4 Page- $150
1/8 Page- $100
Personal Blog Promotion- $20

All packages are sold with a 3 month minimum commitment. Some discounts apply for larger packages.

$500×3 = $1500×10% discount: $1350
$500×6 = $3000×15% discount: $2550
$500×12 = $6000×25% discount: $4500

$250×3 = $750×10% discount: $675
$250×6 = $1500×15% discount: $1275
$250×12= $3000×25% discount: $2250

$200×3 = $600×10% discount: $540
$200×6 = $1200×15% discount: $1020
$200×12 = $2400×25% discount: $1800

No discounts for 1/4, 1/8, or Blog Classifieds.

For more information you may contact me directly at or go straight to the source.
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