Saturday, May 9, 2009

Real Salt

In the current issue of RawFu Magazine, I wrote an article called Salt of the Earth. In the piece I discuss the difference in regular ionized table salt and the delicate, healthful nuances of highly mineralized sea salts from around the world. I hope you have been able to subscribe to the magazine, so you can read and enjoy the complete article.
We are very fortunate to have a very impressive salt bar here in Tulsa. Allen's Gourmet Grocery offers Tulsans the best selection of artisan sea salts from around the world. Their salt bar features salts from the shores and lake beds fo Italy, Hawaii, Australia and France, as well as some fabulous smoked salts from the Pacific Northwest and a to-die for porcini-infused sea salt from Italy.
My current favorite is a Barrique Chardonney Smoked Salt that I use in a mouthwatering raw tomato soup. When you are maintaining a high raw food diet, these specialty salts can really bring a new level of flavor to your recipes.
If you are outside of Tulsa, I recommend the fine gourmet selection of specialty salts from At The Meadow in Portland, Oregon.
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