Friday, November 20, 2009

The Discover Kingdom Health Summit

Imagine inviting 7 Health Experts into your home to teach you how to create an inspirational health plan that will give you more energy, more peace, and more power than you ever thought possible!

A Free multi-expert teleseminar series designed for people who long for excellent health in body, soul, and spirit.


The Discover Kingdom Health Summit

Starts November 30th, 2009 for 7 nights
6 pm Pacific / 8 pm Central / 9 pm Eastern

Hosted by Ginny Edwards

Ginny is a certified Christian Life and Health coach specializing in coaching women (and some men!) to freedom from emotional eating and then on to creating a healthy and fulfilling life. Ginny is passionate about getting the message of “loving God, pursuing excellence” in every area of life, including living a high-raw, Biblically based diet. Ginny will be sharing her own journey to freedom from emotional eating, and how she discovered a new passion for life, God, and His creation in the process.

Her projects, Overcoming Emotional Eating – A Biblical Approach, 120 Days to Freedom, and the soon to be released Royal Divas, serve a community of people inspired to live at their very best for God’s Glory and for the people they love.

Health Summit Speakers

Doug Polk
Doug Polk,
Topic: Naturopathic Medicine and Winning the Battle for the Body
Marilyn Polk
Marilyn Polk,
Topic: Living The Hallelujah Lifestyle

Paul Nison

Paul Nison,
Topic: Health According to the Scriptures

Kelly Parr

Kelly Parr,
Topic: God’s Father Heart and Your Emotions

Penni Shelton,
Topic: Raw Food and Community

Brooke Boon,
Topic: Loving and Worshipping God with Your Body

To Read All the Details about this Summit, Click HERE

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