Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Get FREE Raw Organic NORI!

One of the highlights of the '08 Raw Spirit Festival was meeting Jeff Rose, CEO of Natural Zing. As I spent time helping my friends at the Natural Zing booth during those days, I found that my professional admiration and personal respect for him blossomed into what has become a lasting & respected friendship. Jeff Rose is one of those understated men, a real gentle giant, who is a dynamic, innovative, soulful business & family man who genuinely walks the walk, much more than just talking the talk. His beautiful wife, Helen, have run this integrity filled company as a team since 2002 and you can learn more about each of their journeys and lives at these links: Jeff & Helen.

Jeff isn't one of those raw food personalities that's drawn to the limelight, but I did watched him spend hour upon hour, talking with the public and giving away more products than any other vendor in attendance. People were deeply struck by his generosity and I heard many stories from loyal and satisfied customers from across the globe. I began to realize that Natural Zing had to be one of the raw food world's best kept least in my neck of the woods.

So what is Natural Zing? First and foremost, they're a company that's dedicated to feeding your mind, body and spirit. Two decades of research and consulting with numerous nutritionists and vegetarian specialists have gone into gathering the very best products to develop one's natural energy and health....your natural zing! Long time staff members have been high raw for many years and they're committed to helping those who are just beginning to transition, or others who are more advanced in this healthful lifestyle path.

Within Natural Zing's online market, they specialize in selling organic, raw, vegetarian and vegan foods as well as related chef tools and personal care products. Their equipment includes juicers, kitchen equipment and a variety of other products that meet the needs of various lifestyle and dietary choices. The website also has an Education link that takes you to health, lifestyle, vegetarian, living and raw food knowledge. Their health related book section takes you to abundant health and alternative knowledge resources that are updated regularly. I encourage you to get to know Jeff & Helen Rose and to support their awesome online business.

Jeff & Helen have graciously offered to extend a March special to the members of RFR (MORE MARCH MADNESS - YAY!) With any size purchase in the month of March, you will receive a FREE full size package of raw organic nori! (Now you know why I have the nori feature on the main page!) AND....if you spend $40 or more you will get your pick of a gift of chia seeds or a raw Golden Bean Chocolate Bar.

When you order at Natural Zing, you will need to go through the link we have available at Raw Food Rehab to acquire the Coupon Code to receive your gift(s). Click here to find out the code that is good throughout the month of March!

So Today we are doing a BIG SHOUT OUT to JEFF & HELEN ROSE of Natural Zing! We appreciate you showing RFR the LOVE!
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