Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Her Life NOW - Trekking Across America w/ Amanda

This is such a cool story.....probably one of my favorites in a very long time. Amanda (Rawdawg Rory's lovely wife), is planning and training for a life altering summer. She is going to follow her dream to walk across the United States. Starting in Seattle, WA and ending in her hometown of Hampton, PA.....while the Rawdawg and their daughter travel along the same route by car.

I don't want to tell you everything because Amanda has done an amazing job of telling her own story on her newly created blog, Live My Live Now Trek. Click here to read her story and to learn why she wants to take on the challenge of walking across the US this summer. Click here to check out her route.

Much preparation has to happen within the next two months to help Amanda's dream become a reality. I'm committed to helping support her in anyway possible and Raw Food Rehab will certainly be one of the entities financially sponsoring this trip. I also have contacted our buddy, Jeff Rose of yesterday's feature story on Natural Zing, and he has committed to sponsoring this trek monetarily, as well as with donations of travel friendly raw food and gas gift cards.(WoooHoooo - that's our boy) !! Many of you may also have ideas on how to help support Amanda, or you may know of companies that might be able to offer necessities for the road. You might even be able to be one to offer them hospitality by opening your home (and shower) for a healthy vegan meal and peaceful nights rest along the road.

The fun part to me is that Amanda is hoping that some of you will walk with her! Her desire is that for the majority of the trip, friends from all over the country will turn up to walk along side her for any length of this trip, be it through your city or just down your block! You too can get inspired by Amanda's decision to follow her more can begin living your life NOW! I am going to try to figure out a way to plan my summer vacation around Amanda's itinerary and walk a bit of the walk with her too!

So, let's get this conversation started.....what ideas or well wishes do you have for Amanda (or Rawdawg?) Holler at us here in the comments!
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