Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vegetarian Wine Dinner at The Canebrake

On Tuesday, April 20th, my husband Gordon and I drove the easy 45 minute jaunt to the southeast of Tulsa to The Canebrake. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we were invited to come be part of their Earth Day Celebration which included a most amazing 6 course vegetarian dinner, wine paring and cooking demonstration. We arrived at the resort around 3 pm which gave us plenty of time to check in, get settled and take an invigorating hike around their lush and well cared for grounds. In the above slide show you can see a glimpse of some of the serene surroundings we enjoyed as we explored.

After a fun filled afternoon, we worked up a great appetite and were so excited and ready for the special dinner at 6:30pm. Sam Bracken, co-owner and chef de cuisine, did an amazing job of organizing, preparing and presenting each course in an elegant, yet fun and informative way. The kitchen & wait staff created an amazing atmosphere in which all of the guests thoroughly enjoyed every element of the event. We received culinary demonstration, instruction and recipes for each dish, which was right up my alley! To see a complete listing of what was on the tantalizing menu, click here.

After dinner we enjoyed visiting with members of the Canebrake staff and shopping a bit in their well appointed eco & yoga friendly boutique. I was able to get a new yoga mat (badly needed) and Gordon found an awesome all weather jacket with the Canebrake logo at a great sale price! We also picked up a special candle and bar of soap.

As we arrived back to our retreat room, we had a surprise waiting for us on the deck. Mr. & Mrs. Peacock were perched on the railing and allowed us to get close enough to touch their silky feathers. They were such beautiful birds and we felt pretty VIP to have had an after dinner visitation by these two special Canebrake pets!

The next morning we went for another brisk walk around the grounds before checking out. We were amazed by the silence and peace that we felt. We realized how desperately we need to plan a special time to just be alone together, away from the daily grind and responsibilities we both face each day, at least once a quarter. Even though we were only 45 minutes away from home and it was a getaway for only 24 hours....we felt refreshed, refueled and ready to rebook our next stay at the wonderful Canebrake resort! See you in May!

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