Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday - Day of Rest, HA!

Yesterday I went to Wild Oats to revamp my pantry. As a raw food backslider in preceding months, I have allowed my supply of staples to dwindle away to nothing. I was flabbergasted by how much I spent....just over $300!! Good Lord, Jesus! Yes, I went overboard in some respects, but I plan on entertaining this coming week and exposing a few of my friends to what raw food is really all about. My usual grocery bill, when raw, is much less.

So, right now I have this beautiful display of bowls sitting around my kitchen.....soaking nuts of all kinds and dates. I have dusted off my dehydrator in preparation to make Real Food's famous raw granola. That was the best selling item I had when I sold my food at our Wednesday farmer's market here in Tulsa. I will also be making spicy corn chips (my personal fave) and a decadent raw cacao ganache.

One last thing that is worth sharing before I close this husband noticed last night that my face has changed. He commented that since I have returned to my raw diet, it's like my face has become more defined and less puffy. I guess I didn't even realize that my face had become swollen. Processed foods, meats and dairy products will certainly do that to a person. It is still hard to believe that a noticeable difference could happen in less than 1 week on raw foods. I've noticed other very encouraging changes too, but in my opinion, it takes a couple of weeks to really start to FEEL the amazing bursts of energy and SEE the change in the appearance of one's skin that begins to occur when super-hydrated and re-mineralized. Everyday is a new day and an opportunity to move closer to the body, mind and spirit that was intended for us.